Zoner Photo Studio X gets Spring 2022 update

March 17, 2022

Zoner Photo Studio X (ZPS X) photo software has just received a “significant update”, designed to give photographers more personalized control over their editing processes.

Some of the major updates include custom previews, custom thumbnails, redesigned browser, new blending effects, more efficient preview cache, faster catalog, 1:1 quick preview (which lets you see if the preview has the same resolution as the original photo) and Fisheye lens correction.

To learn more about the features of the ZPS X software, read our article on Zoner Photo Studio X.

The ZPS X photo software is a complete raw converter, with photo editing with layers and masks, while the retouch brush and faces tool are useful for enhancing portraits.

ZPS X software also allows you to manage your photo catalog, allowing you to browse by date, location, keywords or folders.

The video below gives more details on the spring 2022 updates

Customize your user interface

Zoner says that, ‘Many ZPS X users have requested an evolution of the program interface while some prefer a minimalist environment. There are now tons of options to adjust previews when browsing photos in the manager module.’

From background color to rating labels and various metadata display methods…. photographers can “easily” customize this using the display configurator.

New viewer and slideshow

The viewer has been improved to allow better support for RAW files and quick previews.

Appearance and information can now be set separately for viewer mode and slideshow mode.

The slideshow has also been expanded, and you can also control photo oscillation with mouse buttons.

You can also select various blending effects and control the playback of video clips more easily.

Develop mask used in Zoner Photo Studio X

Develop mask used in Zoner Photo Studio X

Manage your photos faster

Quickviews have been simplified. Based on your criteria, ZPS X now selects the best source for preview speed or display quality.

The Catalog function has now been optimized and saves thumbnails more efficiently in the preview cache – this saves otherwise needed disk space, for even faster thumbnail loading.

New Print and Video modules

With upcoming plans for printing photo projects, and especially the development of video processing, users will no longer find the purple Create module in ZPS X.

It has been replaced by two separate modules, Print for creating photo products and the Video module, which is quite self-explanatory.

There are new features in the Video module, such as exporting a frame and new ways to add clips between clips that already exist on the timeline.

Work in the editor in ZPS X

Using the Editor in Zoner Photo Studio X

Zonerama Gallery Updates (North America Only)

Zonerama’s free and unlimited gallery has grown even further.

A new data center in Florida will allow users and viewers to upload or view photos in the North American region much faster.

This development update has no benefit for European users at this time.

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You can download a free 30-day trial version of ZPS X. To do this and learn more about the Zoner software, simply visit the Zoner website.

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