‘The Voice’ stars Jim and Sasha Allen enter the studio to work on their debut EP

Jim and Sasha the voiceGreg Gayne/NBC

Sasha Allen from The voice duo Jim and Sasha Allen announced they were back in the recording studio months after the series wrapped. In a since-deleted tweet, Sasha shared that the band are currently working on their debut EP.

This singer has been hinting at new music in the making for months on his Twitter, but eventually shared photos from the studio. On March 15, Sasha uploaded several tweets related to the recording, but only one remains a day later. The remaining photo is a teaser shot of a recording studio. This photo doesn’t tell fans much, but it does confirm that the duo are back in the studio.

Later that day, Sasha shared a now-deleted tweet stating that the duo had received two record deals from Republic Records. In another since-deleted tweet, he shared that he was grateful he made the decision to drop out of college since his dreams are now coming true. The singer also shared that one of their recording deals includes them as a band, while the other is a solo deal for Sasha.

Everything about the label itself has been deleted from Twitter, but the singer shared that the band is currently working with Republic Records. For those who may not know, it’s the record company behind The voice.

What has Sasha Allen been up to since The voice?

Since their passage The voice concluded, Sasha remained active on social networks, while continuing to sing. Immediately after the series, Sasha Allen began posting demo songs on Twitter and sound cloud. Since then, the singer shared that his voice had dropped so he had to adjust his singing technique. This is probably due to the transition of the singers. Even though he has been taking testosterone for four years, the hormone causes the vocal cord to thicken. We trust this singer will find his next technique.

In the meantime, Sasha remembers The voice and create more content. The singer shared photos of his family, friends and memories from the show on his Instagram. Since the end The voiceSasha repeatedly shares her gratitude for the support from fans throughout this time.

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