Take an interactive virtual tour of Abbey Road Studios



Abbey Road Studios is one of the most famous recording studios in the history of music, and while music fans are no doubt familiar with Abbey Road’s albums – the Beatles catalog, The dark side of the moon, Curvatures, among many others, few have seen the interior of the London studio itself. That is to say until now.

For Inside Abbey Road, Google partnered with the studio to present an in-depth multimedia tour of the famous studios by combining the search engine’s Google Maps technology with YouTube videos, interactive exhibits and more.

“Abbey Road Studios has been a hive of creativity and a source of world-class recordings for over 80 years,” Giles Martin, producer and son of longtime Beatles collaborator George Martin, said in a statement. “The artists who use the studios have sold countless millions of records and helped create popular culture as we know it today. It is an inspiring place and an honor for me to work there today. This collaboration with Google gives the outside world a great insight into the day-to-day operation of the studio, and allows anyone to glimpse the magic inside the world’s most famous recording studio.

Upon ‘entering’ Abbey Road Studios, virtual tourists are guided through the venue’s three main rooms – Studio One, Two, and Three – with each stop punctuated by videos and audio of some of the music created in the studio. each room. For example, a visit to Studio Two allows users to play with vocal effects like flanger and phaser or watch an Oasis recording video. Unearth your soul in the same space, while Studio Three features performances by Sam Smith and a “Body and Soul” duet between Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse. Even the Abbey Road ‘Hall of Mirrors’, where drummers deposit their tracks, is pictured.

“We are always looking to use technology to bring people closer to icons and cultural institutions around the world,” said Tom Seymour, project manager of Google’s Creative Lab. “With Inside Abbey Road, we wanted to open the doors to the iconic music studio for anyone in the world to come in and experience the stories, sounds, people and equipment that make Abbey Road Studios what ‘it is today. “


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