Xabier Iriondo adopts KRK monitors and headphones for home studio sessions

Milanese musician Xabier Iriondo has been dedicated to his craft since he picked up his first guitar at the age of seventeen. Today he is a guitarist and sound engineer and works with dozens of bands on more than 50 records. To be the lead guitarist in an Italian rock band after hours recording a new album with electronic musician Alula and working with bands as a post-core experimental band Bunuel, Iriondo is always busy playing and creating. While Afterhours recordings are made in a professional studio, most of Iriondo’s personal work is done directly in his home studio. For these projects, Iriondo turns to its K.R.K. CLASSIC 8 studio monitors and KNS 8402 listeners.

[KRK Enhances Studio-Quality KNS Headphones]

“I recorded and mixed with KRK for my solo album and on Buñuel’s new album ‘Killers Like Us’ which comes out in February and I was so pleased with the results. The CLASSIC 8 monitors pack a lot of power , which is great for adding bass and high frequencies depending on the types of music I’m working on. The KNS 8402 are so light and comfortable that they are now my favorite headphones. The first time I heard KRK , I was so impressed with the sound quality that I decided to use them for my next setup.I’ve been using the brand for about five months now, and as soon as I switched, the rest was just fine. ‘ancient history.”

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