Dr Dre forgives Nicole Young for stealing $ 300,000 from the studio


In addition to having paid more than 100 million dollars to his ex-wife, Dr. Dre has agreed to drop a lawsuit for embezzlement against Nicole Young! Read more!

Producer Dr. Dre ended the year by crushing his multi-year-old beef with his ex-wife.

The mogul is finally getting rid of a few residual lawsuits between him and Nicole Young that amounted to the meanest – and most expensive – breakup in hip-hop history.

As part of their $ 100 million settlement, the * Chronic * artist will have to withdraw from the $ 350,000 embezzlement lawsuit he has brought against the mother of his children.

At the start of their split, she wrote checks to the Record One recording studio herself, wiping out the company.

As previously reported by AllHipHop.com, she legally had the power to access the money in the account at some point.


However, Dr Dre claimed that Nicole broke Criminal Code 496 by withdrawing $ 353,571.85 from the company’s account before she was removed from the company.

Nicole’s goal was not to use it for studio needs but “for her own personal obligations”.

But the “crime” will be forgiven.

The divorce was unpleasant and stressful, with the two arguing over an alleged prenuptial agreement which Nicole said Dre had torn apart during happier times. The divorce was so stressful that many believed Dr Dre had been hospitalized with a brain aneurysm in January 2021.

The two have called for a truce because Dre will pay the former lawyer $ 50 million upfront and an additional $ 50 million later in 2022.


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