Vomedh, a theater troupe conducts talent hunt to promote Kashmiri culture and language

Jul 31, 2022 10:04 a.m. STI

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]July 31 (ANI): Vomedh, a theatrical and cultural group, organized a talent hunt in collaboration with the central university as part of the Pagah project to promote Kashmiri culture and language.
The talent hunt auditions took place at the Central University Campus, Ganderbal on July 27 and the talent hunt finalists performed in a glittering cultural function at Tagore Hall, Srinagar.
The event was well attended by a cross section of young people and witnessed fascinating singing and dancing performances by promising and talented young artists.
Prof. M. Afzal Zargar, Registrar of Central University of Kashmir was the guest of honor on the occasion. Famous actor and theater artist Ayash Arif was the guest on the occasion.
In his address, Prof. Zargar called the collaboration between Vomedh and Central University of Kashmir an important step towards connecting young people to culture and roots.
“Vomedh being an expert in this field brings a great deal of strategic and tactical experience which has helped us run these events very smoothly. culture,” Professor Zargar said.
The program began with the congratulations of the guests followed by the welcome speech of President Vomedh Rohit Bhat.
“The Pagah project started as a Kashmiri language promotion initiative earlier this year and has been very well received. Now is the time to connect young people with Pagah. Without youth engagement and participation, Not every language or culture initiative can succeed. Pagah Youth Connect will be a series of events that will primarily connect and engage young people. The main objective will be to spread love for the language and culture of Kashmir. moreover, the aim will be to give a platform to emerging and promising artists and the language will be Kashmiri. I am also grateful to Gulfam Barji for all the coordination and support of this collaboration,” he said. .
The auditions saw a good turnout of over 50 students with six of the singing and dancing categories finalized to showcase talent in cultural performance.

The singing and dancing performances of the young and talented artists mesmerized the audience.
The variety of genres and the finesse of Kashmir’s lyrics won the hearts of the public and demonstrated that there is no shortage of talent among young people.
Renowned musicians Pt. Krishen Langoo and Sanam Sajad served on the vocal jury while renowned choreographer Sunny Mujoo judged the dances.
Finalists for dance were Mehar Khanam, Aanish Fayaz, Amir Khalid, Sunita, Masrat Jabeen, Siyan and for vocals were Sajad Ahmad Chadnoo, Aqib Bashir, Rizwan Yaqoob, Ajaz Ahmad, Ashiq Rasool, Kurshid Ahmed.
A Marnoprant play was also performed and performed by Shazi Khan and Puneet Jai Bali.
The very intense piece was directed and improvised by Shazi Khan and written by Surinder Verma. Ayash Arif also applauded Vomedh for his initiatives through J&K.
“Vomedh is a 14-year-old leading cultural organization of J&K. It has hundreds of theater performances, dozens of cultural events and the feat of organizing the Jammu Film Festival to its credit.
I think the Youth Connect program is an indispensable platform and I commend Vomedh for this initiative,” he said.
The event ended with congratulations and the distribution of prizes and certificates. Rashid Nizami, a well-known J&K presenter who anchored almost all Vomedh events in the valley, also anchored this event very well.
Manzoor Ahmad Mir, a well-known theater artist, presented the vote of thanks.
“We are committed to working to preserve our mother tongue which is rapidly losing ground. Kashmiri is no longer used as the first language at home and overall the future of the language looks very bleak We announced Project Pagah this year on International Mother Language Day to work specifically for the preservation of the Kashmiri language.We will continue to do engaging programs under Project Pagah to move this initiative forward with the support of people of the valley,” said Rakesh Roshan Bhat while explaining the thinking behind the event. (ANI)

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