Casper College is looking for bands and musicians for a recording studio opportunity

Chad Lore performed as a solo band for the ‘Merica Bash at David Street Station on Wednesday, July 6, 2022. (Klark Byrd/Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo.—Casper College is looking for local bands and musicians interested in having their music recorded by students.

“We are looking for these artists to work with Casper College students in our recording studio to create and produce music,” Casper College sound design professor Larry Burger said in a press release on Tuesday.

There will be no charge for musicians for the recording sessions, which are intended to provide a learning experience for students.

“Everyone will have access to the finished product, which could be a single song or even an entire album,” Burger said.

Recording sessions will usually take place in the evening, but weekend sessions are also possible.

“Sometimes we’ll want musicians to record during class time, but we’re basically open to whatever it takes for our students to gain that valuable experience,” Burger said.

Burger is an audio engineer, broadcast engineer, and live sound card operator for Casper College’s music and theater departments, in addition to his teaching duties. He has recorded more than 100 albums and owns and operates a recording studio and media company, Casper College said.

The courses Burger teaches at Casper College cover everything from audio basics, live sound for music venues and theater reinforcement, digital audio workstations and understanding audio in production. multimedia from YouTube to recording full albums, musicality and recording organization, the outlet said.

Musicians interested in the recording opportunity should contact Burger at 307-268-3320 or [email protected].

“After visiting the musician, band or singer-songwriter, I will match them with the student who fits their needs and who can benefit from their participation,” he said.

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