Popular Mobile Boys Group Member Says He Is Now Beating Fufu To Survive (WATCH)



They were guided and trained by veteran hiplife artist Reggie Rockstone.

Despite the fame and their accomplishments, Yaw Gray works in a local restaurant as a secondary occupation, although he is indeed associated with the music world.

It sets models and inspires aspiring musicians that they cannot be content with music by making music alone.

Yaw Gray sent people who asked to know about his side activity besides music at the restaurant where Fufu is captured beating.

he proudly says he is currently hammering the fufu to keep body and soul together.

A lot of people also think Yaw Gray is just beating Fufu for the cameras, but that’s not something he really does.

Considering what he’s wearing in the video. Shaking his Nike shoe and his white shorts and shirt.

The Mobile Boys music group consisted of Kochoko, Nkonya and Gray.

The music group never had a successful career despite their enormous potential but just like VVIP, Nkasie and other bands, things never worked out.


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