Gary Glitter’s support group returns to Butlin family compound


Gary Glitter’s support group returns to the Butlin Family Complex.

The Glitter Band has been booked for We Love The 70s Weekender from March 11-14 in Skegness.

An online ad from the event organizer promises, “Butlin’s brings back the big, daring and brash era of Glam Rock in all its glory. Relive the days when Wizzard, Slade and the Quo ruled.

“Rock out to pay homage and strut your outrageous stuff in super high platforms and head-to-toe sequins. This break is fancy dress friendly, so take care in planning your outfit!”

The group is expected to perform Glitter hits such as Do You Wanna Touch Me, I’m The Leader Of The Gang and Hello, Hello, I’m Back Again.

The Glitter group

They were the boyfriend’s support group – jailed for 16 years in 2015 for sexually abusing three girls – during the 1970s and on Top Of The Pops.

Their popularity plunged when, in 1997, Glitter – born Paul Gadd – was arrested for uploading thousands of child pornography images.

The boss of a Butlin said the event was for adults only.

The Glitter Band includes founding member Pete Phipps, 70, who has worked with Eurythmics.

Its late co-founder, John Rossall – who was still releasing new music in 2020 – died in October of cancer at the age of 77.

Before his death, he admitted that being linked forever to Glitter had ruined his life.

Gary Glitter’s band make a comeback

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The glam rocker said, “I haven’t even spoken to Gary in 30 years and every day I have to talk about him. We weren’t even that close when we were working with him.

“It was difficult working with Glitter, even when we first met him in 1964/65, when we were his accompaniment group at the Starr Club in Germany. He has always been a true prima donna.

“It seems like every time we have a series of concerts together and some kind of comeback is in sight, it will be stopped and we will lose a lot of shows. But when we play, people really enjoy what we’re doing. . let’s do.

“People come to concerts and they understand that the band and the songs are quite separate from the bigger picture.”

The Glitter Band’s official Facebook page promises that they will “be coming to a town near you soon.”



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