10 Dishes with Chef Michael Schwartz of Miami’s The Genuine Hospitality Group

After a shift, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure to eat? “My guilty pleasure after work would be a cheeseburger. It provides the perfect amount of flavorful balance after a busy night.

Is there a dish you won’t cook? “The only thing I won’t do is chicken pizza. It’s a hard no for me.

Favorite spice of all time. “I have a lot of them, but right now my new favorite spice is smoked pepper.”

What’s your favorite music to listen to while you cook? “My favorite music to listen to is jazz, especially Thelonious Monk. It sets the mood and helps me focus on what I’m doing.

Did you grow up cooking? “No. I grew up eating prepared dinners. Cooking was not on my radar until I got older and started working in restaurants. From there, I knew it was was what I wanted to do.

Which cookbook is your inspiration? ” My favorite book is The Zuni Café cookbook. “

Which chef, dead or alive, would you like to cook with? “Paul Bocuse.”

After all those years working in the restaurant business, how much do you still enjoy going out to eat? “Yes, I still like going out to eat. I have learned over the years to manage my expectations a bit too.

Name the best cooking show ever. “For me, it’s Jacques Pépin.

What is the best food city in the world? “Without a doubt, New York! “

James Beard Award-winning Chef Michael Schwartz is the founder of Miami’s The Genuine Hospitality Group, which runs Amara in Paraiso, Harry’s Pizzeria, Reef Kitchen, Genuine Burger, and Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, which reopens this month- this.

The interview has been condensed and edited.

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