Coke Studio releases ‘enchanting’ new song featuring Asfar Hussain and Arooj Aftab – Life & Style

Social media users can’t seem to get enough of “Mehram,” the latest song released by Coke Studio on Friday. Featuring musician Asfar Hussain and Grammy-nominated singer Arooj Aftab, the song is about the emotional carnage of loss and abandonment.

Twitter users called Hussain and Aftab’s duet “iconic” and found the song “enchanting”.

One user called the song “hauntingly beautiful” and another claimed listening to it gave them goosebumps.

Coke Studio shared a behind-the-scenes video of the song’s recording process, where music director Xulfi talked about the creation of Mehram. “I wanted a heartbreakingly beautiful song,” he can be seen saying to Hussain in a phone call. Hussain wrote Mehram’s lyrics himself.

“For me, Asfar Hussain’s writing is exactly that. I called him and told him a story I had in mind. That day we both broke down talking about the narrative and I knew we were onto something honest and magical,” he said.

According to associate music producer Abdullah Siddiqui, Mehram is “collapsed to the ground, heartbreakingly devastated”.

Xulfi thinks Aftab adds his musical sensibility to the song. It is the voice that tells the story of abandonment in a heartfelt way.

Social media users not only loved the singing, but they also praised the set and cinematography. According to production designer Hashim Ali, the visuals are inspired by the story of Chaand and Chakor, which is folklore about a bird on an eternal search for the moon that he can never reach.

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