CBN’s Studio 5 Chats With Bonner Family About Music’s Rich History, Now Works With ‘The Chosen’

The Bonner family includes 10 members who make great music in the recording studio, on stage and even for the big screen.

Harry and Debra Bonner were once Baptist missionaries, but music remained at the heart of their family, even taking some of the kids to Broadway.

CBN’s Studio 5 caught up with the Bonners in Utah on the set of The chosen one.

When asked how the family singing started, several children pointed to their parents. Harry noted that he developed a fondness for music while singing in the Archbishop’s Boys Choir.

“I was teaching voice, so I taught all my kids voice and they were always at all of our shows,” Debra told CBN. “Me and Harry put on shows and put the kids in it.”

One of the Bonner children noted that musical talent within his family has a long history. “Our great aunt and uncles had a gospel singing group in Cincinnati, Ohio. They helped pave the way for gospel music.”

Debra added: “In fact, she was one of the founders of gospel music along with Thomas Dorsey.”

As part of the movie, Christmas with the elect: the messengersthe Bonner family released a music video for the popular anthem, How Great Thou Art.

The video was filmed on a Jerusalem set owned by the church in Goshen, Utah, where much of The Chosen season 2 was filmed.

Harry told CBN it was a blessing to be part of the popular series and its celebration of Christmas.

“It’s a bit of a reunion because we had the privilege of being part of it last year, so it’s starting to feel like a tradition and when we start a tradition it goes really well,” Harry proclaimed.

For more information on the Bonner family, visit their website or social media platforms.

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