BTS Proof Concept Photos: Group Feature in Veil Theme for Door Version

BTS revealed concept photos for the door version of their upcoming anthology album Proof on Monday. Taking to Twitter, BTS’s agency Big Hit Music shared the group photo and individual concept photos of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. In the photos, the members are all dressed in pastel colors and feature a veil theme. The new images are a complete contrast to their black ensembles in the first set of concept photos. (Also read | BTS Proof Concept Photos: Group Poses In Front Of Bullet-Riddled Vault, Fan Says “Literally Bullets Are Flying Everywhere”)

In the photos, RM and V are dressed in blue-colored outfits while Jin and Jungkook opted for white outfits. Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin wore pink outfits. All members opted for white shoes. In the individual photos, the members were seen standing in the middle of a room draped in white curtains. They gave different poses for the camera. Sharing the images, Big Hit added the hashtags – BTS, BTS Proof Concept Photo (Door ver.).

Reacting to the photos, one fan tweeted, “Pastel outfits and a white backdrop, I feel like I’ve entered heaven.” Another person wrote, “Y’all im not fine just check out the visuals they look so good!!” A tweet read: “Once for the present, twice for the past”. “You just remember they look so ETHEREAL and calm. A beautiful concept of becoming bulletproof and then looking forward to a better place, a better place to live! A solid fight leads to a best coming. Such a deep and ecstatic concept,” said one fan.

BTS’s agency Big Hit Music shared the photos.
Jin, RM, and Suga are featured in the new photos.
J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are featured in the new photos.

One person tweeted, “BTS kills both the concept of strong evidence and the concept of the ethereal gate! Duality is insane.” One Twitter user said: “The #Door veil theme is very reminiscent of the VCR that introduced Interlude: Shadow & Black Swan in Map of the Soul: ONE! That’s a great analogy because back then we were watching “behind the curtain” of the character while now we see what’s inside the door!” “OMG they look like princes they ARE TOO GOOD,” said one fan.

Commenting on Jin a, a fan wrote, “Jin’s ethereal beauty, I can’t believe he’s real.” Sharing Suga’s photo, a fan said, “Interesting a clock in Yoongi’s hand…indicating we’re going back in time?? Past??” Another fan wrote, “WHEN HYBE’S CREATIVE DIRECTOR SAID YOONGI GETS THE PRINCELY/MONARCHY VIBE. One person also asked if Suga was holding a compass.

A few fans also commented on J-Hope’s lavender hair and said, “Namjoon looks amazing.” One fan wrote, “Jimin looks ETHEREAL. He’s from another world.” “WOW!!!! TAEHYUNG, SO GORGEOUS!!! WITHOUT WORDS!!!” said a fan. “Jungkook PTD emo hairstyle and moon pendant!” said a fan.

Currently, BTS is gearing up for the release of their upcoming album Proof on June 10. They are currently in the United States and will meet with US President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

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