WINNER Honestly Talks About Their Group Dynamics, Song Mino’s Experience With Panic Disorder, The Passing Of Kim Jin Woo’s Grandmother, And More Soompi

WINNER recently shared an honest conversation about the group’s relationship, their personal struggles, and learning to open up to each other.

On March 25, WINNER appeared as guests on “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic,” where they spoke to renowned psychiatrist Dr. Oh Eun Young about some of their personal concerns.

Lee Seung Hoon explained, “We don’t talk about our feelings with each other. I wonder if it’s right to maintain this boundary that we have between us, or if it’s right to admit more.

Kang Seung Yoon added, “We usually don’t complain about our personal struggles. I don’t think I’ve specifically heard stories about hard times. As a joke, we make promises to be together forever, but for that to happen, it feels like there’s a bit of a blockage between the members.

Kim Jin Woo added, “We have the perspective of not wanting to cause a fight, so I think we don’t end up sharing how we feel.” Lee Seung Hoon continued, “I feel like our members have become more sensitive. Maybe it’s just me. What worried me the most when I was released [from the military] was this communication problem between the members.

While Kang Seung Yoon and Lee Seung Hoon live together in a dorm, the other two members live alone. The group also shared that they had a lot of work-related conversations, but not ones about how they felt.

When Dr. Oh asked if their relationship had always been like this, the members agreed, with Lee Seung Hoon adding, “I thought it was our own special relationship.”

To further analyze the situation, the group watched a video capturing their everyday image. At first glance, it seemed that Song Mino was not in a good mood and his members were nervous as a result. However, Dr Oh commented: “Amazingly I see Mino trying hard. He is in a difficult state. While he can initially give out 200 energy levels, he’s only at 100 now. It’s not that he doesn’t like his members, he’s just in a tough spot himself.

Next, Dr. Oh analyzed the members’ Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) results. The MMPI is a psychological test that assesses personality traits and psychopathology. When explaining that Kang Seung Yoon and Lee Seung Yoon were promotion-focused people, Kang Seung Yoon confessed that he was obsessed with chart performance and fan feedback.

Song Mino shared, “I upload photos to social media without any thought, but Seung Yoon is the type to predict 1,000 kinds of responses.” Kang Seung Yoon agreed, commenting, “I am sensitive to comments from others.”

Kang Seung Yoon continued, “I get caught up in other people’s standard of judgment, so I try to live up to that standard. After living like that, I think my spectrum has broadened. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be sensitive to other people’s perceptions.

Song Mino later revealed that although he was always thinking of ways to improve, he didn’t talk about it with his members because he didn’t think anything good would come of it. He added: “I never talked about it, but from the end of 2017 my symptoms of panic disorder, that I was going to die, that I couldn’t breathe and that I passed out, were got worse. That’s how I started going to the hospital. I was diagnosed with panic disorder and manic-depressive disorder, so I got medication for my mental health and I followed a treatment.

Song Mino continued to shock everyone by revealing that it happened at the height of his success, when he was promoting his solo debut and appearing in “New Journey to the West” and “Kang’s Kitchen.” He confessed, “After filming my variety show, I would go out crying without anyone knowing, and then I would come home. If I didn’t film, my life felt like a tragedy.”

He added: “It has become a habit to try not to open this ‘weak’ image. Instead of not wanting to talk, I don’t think I had the courage to do so. Song Mino continued, “I am someone who receives so much love, has fans and colleagues, and just needs to be happy, but I’m afraid nothing can make me that happy.”

Song Mino also spoke honestly about his family, sharing that his father was hospitalized for a long time due to poor liver health. He shared, “I don’t think I’m the type who can rely on his family. My role is the head of the family, so even though my family is very precious, I think that’s why [my family] doesn’t look like a nest where I can rest to my heart’s content.”

Dr Oh commented: “You cannot avoid suffering in life. However, feeling and expressing sincerely and honestly that sharing with those around you is an extremely positive thing. She continued, “[Mino] is someone whose creative and artistic promotions are incredibly important. However, no matter how talented you are, no one is creative 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because Song Mino finds it so important, I think he feels distressed during times when he’s not involved in art. He is afraid that his spark of ideas is fading. Honestly, you need to rest to regain your creative strength, but Mino, you think your life is meaningless if your [creative] the energy does not soar.

She added: “It’s worrying that it looks like Mino has a huge concern about ‘What if I go normal? When you are stimulated repeatedly, your brain feels fatigued. It is very important to rest and sleep. Dr Oh urged: “The time when you have no artistic sense is the time when you need to rest.”

During the episode, Kim Jin Woo also explained why he couldn’t let his members know about his grandmother’s passing. In his interview, Kim Jin Woo explained, “I thought I had good mental health. Recently there was a difficult situation and I think I couldn’t improve after that. My grandmother passed away recently and I think that played a big part.

Kim Jin Woo shared, “Since I was 7 until I moved to Seoul, I always saw my grandmother and we visited a lot because she was around. However, after arriving in Seoul and having moderate success, I couldn’t do anything for my grandmother. I think it was because I felt sorry.

He shared that he hadn’t told WINNER about his grandmother’s passing and explained, “I didn’t think to tell them. If I shared my grief it would definitely have helped, but I think that it’s always been like that. my personality isn’t one to talk a lot about me. if i’m going through a rough patch, i drink. i think [my problems] dissolve when I drink. Because I am able to forget it, at least for the moment.

After hearing the news during his interview, Kang Seung Yoon commented, “I’m sad and also wondering, ‘Why didn’t he tell us? Song Mino added, “I was shocked because I had no idea. I totally understand why he doesn’t want to talk about it, but I would like him to. Because I didn’t know that, I feel sorry and sad.

Kim Jin Woo explained, “Since this is something sad, I didn’t want to convey my emotions to my members. I didn’t want to share those feelings.

Dr. Oh explained that Kim Jin Woo has an insecure attachment and shared, “It’s also called avoidance. [attachment], but people with this disposition are incredibly positive about themselves. However, they are unsure about confessing their feelings to others.

She added: “There are times when they feel emotional connections with others are distressing and find communication uncomfortable. It’s not that Jin Woo doesn’t like people. If you were to think of Jin Woo as a castle, he’s one that feels stable when the doors are closed. Since he has this type of personality, it might have been difficult for him to talk about his inner feelings.

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