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November 30, 2021

Reporter: Lin Zujie

Photography: Liu Yongrui

The MV for girl group Voice Dream After Class’s new song “Today’s Memories” hit the internet on day one and hit 90,000 hits (over 200,000 hits at 9pm last night), and they all said they did. were very happy. Chantel blasted that dad also had an assistant this time. He kept clicking the song at home, but neither she nor Gigi and Yumi deliberately told her classmates to release a new song. When the classmates found their active support, Gigi said, “Whenever I do a song, the classmates know that Singing in my ears, I was pretending to be a jerk, saying I didn’t know what they sang. “

Gigi: The last time I saw a MIRROR shadow

They all said that they had formed a band for only two days and so far only had this chorus. It’s unclear if they will compete with boy group MIRROR for the combined prize, but they see MIRROR as a senior. Gigi attended the press conference for the awards ceremony earlier and she had a destiny with MIRROR. She said with a smile: “Actually, we want to meet them, so that we can ask them about their experience in the group. Last time, it seemed like we saw them in a shadow. Because they go so fast.

Zhang Jingxuan frequently beats for the sick dog

Zhang Jingxuan, who performed in the final, said he was recently busy promoting the concert’s Blu-ray disc and preparing for the New Year’s concert. He also has to take care of the sick dog. ” Sister “. The only thing I can do now is do my best to make things less difficult and stay with me longer. I will cherish this time. I shouldn’t be raising small animals anymore.

After Xuan Tsai finished the performance of “Bao Liang”, he started a live broadcast on the social platform in the early hours, in which Tyson Yoshi and Lin Jiaqian sang together. The three people talked about everything, and Tyson Yoshi was even more violent every now and then. Xuan Tsai once asked him not to be too cocky, but eventually got infected and buried a copy. At 3 a.m., there were still over 10,000 Internet users watching. As for Lin Jiaqian, who has a more introverted personality, it seems that he failed to put down the “bag of puppets”. Finally, they threw it out at 5 am, and there were still over 3,000 people watching.

Hong Kong’s sister Song Wanying hosted the Lunar New Year’s Lucky Show

Three recent Hong Kong Song Wanying sisters, Liang Kaiqing and Shao Chu also participated in the performance of “Bao Liang”. While they were busy fulfilling their duties as Hong Kong sisters, they revealed that they had started organizing various jobs for the company. Song Wanying was the master of ceremonies for the first time in Tai Qingsao, and she was praised for her performance. The company arranged to put on a New Years Lucky Show. She said mom believed in Feng Shui and would decorate her house to help her health and her school. Can this help the marriage? She said, “I don’t need it now, I don’t need it.” Shao Chu recently appeared on “Looking at the Goods 2 Live Marketing School” and introduced pet cosmeceuticals to his predecessor Chen Minzhi on the street. actor. Liang Kaiqing was also recently arranged for auditions by the company. She intends to enroll in performing arts classes and learn singing from the teacher in order to prepare for a career in the performing arts.


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