TN BJP speaks out against DMK group trolling Ilayaraja over Modi comments

In the book, Ilayaraja said Dr BR Ambedkar would be proud of several social achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his tenure.

The DMK backed social media groups and left-liberals who had recently praised fellow Tamil music composer AR Rahman for his stance on Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement in the language controversy. strongly pronounced against Ilayaraja.

BJP State Chairman K. Annamalai speaking to IANS said, “What harm has Mr. Ilayaraja done. No one can silence Ilayaraja Sir like his music and no DMK led ecosystem can strangle his voice now. DMK power brokers are shaken by the foreword he wrote in the book and they are bringing out that anger through social media posts against the mastero which will have no impact on him or on people of Tamil Nadu”.

Union Minister L. Murugan said in a statement: “The Constitution of India allows freedom of speech and by denying the same to Ilayaraja Sir, DMK has shown its anti-dalit and
unconstitutional character”.

He said pro-women legislations like the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” movement which brought social transformation and the ban on triple talaq is something that Dr Ambedkar would be proud of and something the great musician never mentioned. only in the foreword which is a reality.

Murugan said the intolerable nature of the DMK and so-called left-liberals is evident in the anger and anger expressed by the trolls against Ilaiyaraaja Sir.

The Union Minister said that Ilaiyaraaja had just expressed that Dr Ambedkar and Prime Minister Modi are practical people and they have achieved success despite all the obstacles faced by people from socially backward communities and that the DMK bands are rocked by this candid statement of great music. master.

In the book, Ilaiyaraaja also said, “Dr BR Ambedkar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had dreamed big for the country and both are practical men who believe in action rather than just an exercise in thinking. The Atmanirbhar Bharat that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is building is a fitting tribute to the dreams of our freedom fighters.

As Tamil Nadu’s BJP opposes DMK-led groups to troll the famous South Indian music director who has a huge following, it remains to be seen whether this would escalate into a major war of words in the days to come. to come.

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