Richter Mahr launches new creative space in Oxfordshire studio

The Oxfordshire studio combines minimalism and rural architecture

Studio Richter Mahr, a new multi-arts production facility in Oxfordshire, is a rural, minimalist haven for culture

Nestled in the green Oxfordshire countryside is the new multi-arts production center of artists Max Richter and Yulia Mahr. Studio Richter Mahr may be a state-of-the-art creative space, but it’s housed in a low, timber-clad structure that draws inspiration from the local vernacular of barns and farm buildings in the area – imbued with the modern sensibility of a contemporary production chair. Visual artist Mahr and music composer Richter spearheaded the creation of their joint studio in Oxfordshire that repurposes a recycled farm building on the edge of 31 acres of woodland, transforming it into a piece of rural, minimalist architecture .

“Studio Richter Mahr is about dreaming the future into existence, a better way to live and work,” says Mahr. “It’s about moving forward and creativity without borders. It’s about providing time and opportunities for people to really experiment.

The studio is not only technically equipped to tackle the creative endeavors of both artists, but it is also designed to be forward-thinking in its design. Eco-friendly strategies, such as solar technologies and a heat pump, help this modest structure be carbon positive. A minimalist approach to materials – a natural, restrained palette, including mostly wood – helps create a clean, almost utilitarian feel that does not distract from the artistic production and natural context beyond.

Richter and Mahr collaborated with local architectural designer Charlie Luxton and his team on the main space. The studios and mixing rooms – built to be on a suspended concrete floor, like a building within the building – are the result of work with specialists Level Acoustics and Studio Creations, ensuring that production areas are fit for purpose and look chic and contemporary. .

The result contains an orchestral recording room (including one of the UK’s only Steinway Spirio R concert grand pianos), a Dolby Atmos mixing room, programming rooms, a collection of vintage synthesizers, a suite video editing facilities, art studios, an exhibition space, and a café offering local products. Additionally, the building is wired to broadcast live shows.

Operating as a commercial space for rent, as well as a free space for emerging artists to develop their work, Studio Richter Mahr promises to be a hub of creativity for Oxfordshire and beyond. §

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