I’m Grateful – Irene Ntale opens up on Universal Music Group release

After almost two and a half years of signing with Nigerian band Universal Music, Ugandan singer Irene Ntale has revealed her deal with the label has come to an end.

Why the deal faced a laborious miscarriage was not revealed by the former Swangz Avenue singer, as she declined to talk much about it.

The only thing she maintained was that she had a great time with the label because the label fulfilled everything that was promised.

The best benefit she tells of the deal with the Nigerian label is that she gained different contacts that can help elevate her music career.

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She also revealed that she has recorded several musical projects with Universal Music Group.

I don’t want to talk about my deal with Universal Music Group because he’s not in the picture anymore.

I benefited a lot from the label. A lot, a lot, a lot because I learned a lot, I had different contacts and connections from different people who run the music industry and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.

I was recording music and working with them and that’s why I stayed in Nigeria for a while. Apparently I’m moving on because the best things in life are in the future.

Irene Ntale

Irene Ntale broke the silence during an interview on Sanyuka TV with Kayz as he asked her about her dive into music.

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