ALICE IN CHAINS’ WILLIAM DUVALL on his new live studio album: ‘No fixation of any kind’ was possible

William DuValliconic band leader CHAINED ALICEwill release his second solo album, “11.12.21 Live-In-Studio Nashville”June 10 via DVL records. The effort captures an explosive power trio performance recorded live to disc at the famed Welcome to Studio 1979 in Nashville on November 12, 2021. No “fixing” or remixing took place after the fact. It’s as supercharged, raw and exciting as it gets. The CD is housed in a beautiful six-fold gatefold digipak. The first 500 copies are autographed by Du Vall.

Du Vall talked about the making of “11.12.21 Live-In-Studio Nashville” as he sat backstage at the Academy Green Room in Dublin, Ireland, where his solo European tour kicked off on April 25 after two and a half years of postponement. William said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It’s a live studio record, so it’s not like I’ve been in the studio for a month – it’s more like I’ve been in the studio for a night, and we We’ve cut live there directly into lacquer, which means you’re cutting directly into the plastic disc that’s going to be used to make your LP, so there’s no repairs of any kind to do; is just not possible. What you play is what you get. It’s basically like doing a live radio or TV show, only with the added technical pressure of someone having to cut a needle in hairspray live while you play. nobody spoiler – be it the lacquer engineer, the sound engineer or the musicians – everyone we have to start over.”

“11.12.21 Live-In-Studio Nashville” track list:

01. the last light
02. The 3 wishes
03. Unbreakable
04. The fire goes down
05. Landslide
06. so divine
07. White hot
08. fly blind

The official clip of “Landslide” from “11.12.21 Live-In-Studio Nashville” can be seen below. The visual was assembled by Roger Okamato from photos taken during the live album recording session by Madison Thorn.

Williamthe critically acclaimed first solo effort, “Only One”arrived in October 2019. The 11-track album showed Du Vallthe powerful voice of with nothing but an acoustic guitar to accompany it.

Unlike the multi-layered sonic assault, which makes up the bulk of his discography, “Only One” was as sparse and intimate as possible — part late-night confessional, part lounge gig. Like William described it at the time: “I felt the need to pull it all back. This album is strictly one vocal, one guitar. It reveals the very core of who I am as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. “

Three years ago, Du Vall Told Q104.3it is “Out of the Box” that he didn’t decide to make an album before having already recorded the first track, “Until the Light Guides Me Home”. “I had written it with the possible intention of giving it to someone else, and when I [had the song idea]it was spinning like a record in my head,” he explained. “It was one of those [quick] Songs. … It’s what we live for, and it doesn’t happen often enough. But when it does, you’re just like, “Okay, I’m in.” And you let things happen – get out of your own way. »

The initial recording session saw Du Vall demonstrating seven other tracks, all of which ended up on the “Only One” album.

before joining CHAINED ALICE in 2006, Du Vall was a member of punk rock bands CHAOS EMPTY CONSCIOUSNESS, NEON CHRIST, BLAST! and FINAL OFFER. Du VallThe long musical history of also includes COMES WITH THE FALL and CHAINED ALICE guitarist jerry cantrellsolo work.

Cantrell befriended members of COMES WITH THE FALL in the early 2000s, playing shows with the band on the West Coast, then enlisting the musicians to tour with him as an opening act and backing band in support of his album “Journey of Degradation”.

Du Vall appears on the last three CHAINED ALICE albums: 2009 “Black gives way to blue”2013 “The demon put the dinosaurs here” and 2018 “Rainier Fog”.

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