Best studio headphones under $200 of 2022

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About the best studio headphones under $200

Deciding on the best studio headphones under $200 to add to your recording kit isn’t easy. There are tons of quality studio headphones in the $200 price range that sound better. Before deciding, you need to think about the sound quality, build quality, and comfort of the headphones. Sound quality is obviously the most important factor to consider. We’ve looked at the frequency response and impedance as well as the range of the most popular headphones to make sure they sound great. We also reviewed the materials and build quality of each to ensure durability and comfort.

Do you want to acquire one of the best Under 200 studio headphones? if applicable. So you are at the good place. We reviewed it there and these reviews will help you select the best studio headphones under $200 you can buy on the market.

We will focus on key features such as durability, comfort, noise isolation and sound quality. And most of them are suitable for mixing and recording. They’re even a better way to listen to music. In any professional studio, decent studio headphones are essential. As a response to other headphones, studio headphones provide clear, high-quality sound that can be mixed, tracked, or streamed.

Here is the list of the best studio headphones under $200

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO

In our experience, closed-back headphones almost never match open-back types in terms of naturalness of timbre, and in fact there is some inherent coloration to this design. However, as it runs, it is very good at it.

Mainly there is a bit of boost in the upper mids, but it’s not offensive and you get used to it quickly. However, we would certainly advise any potential buyer to listen longer than initial impressions, as this coloration may sound like effects on lesser drivers due more to distortion than frequency response aberrations as such. The difference is not semantic. You quickly get used to a slightly wavy response, but the distortion becomes more annoying the longer you listen.

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Harmon AKG K271 MKII

The AKG K271 is easy to use but does not suffer from its simplicity. Both sides are made of plastic and are reinforced with a metal ring on the edge, while the headband is made of faux leather and is supported by two metal hangers. The ear cups wrap around the ears and provide enough horizontal and vertical clearance for the headphones to fit snugly on the head. At first glance, the AKG K 271 MKII does not seem so unusual, but it has a surprise or two in store. For example, instead of a conventional jack socket, the left earphone is equipped with a typical AKG mini XLR socket for the two supplied cables, which makes them interchangeable.

Another special feature of the K271 MKII is the self-adjusting headband, as well as the auto power-off, which silences the headphones when removed. When you put the headset on, an elastic band at the lower ends of the headband gives way so that it slides up the frame until the headset rests on your ears.

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Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250

Beyerdynamic is a brand known for producing high quality microphones, headphones and other audio systems. You can always expect good quality from this brand. A good example of the quality offered by this brand is the DT 990 PRO. This is a solidly built professional on-ear headphone. The chassis is made of ABS, which is quite sturdy, while the headband is well padded for real comfort. In addition, the pads are very comfortable thanks to the velvet pads that the brand has decided to use.

Behind all this we find two great drivers with their big coils. These loudspeakers offer a nominal sound pressure level of 96 dB over a frequency response range of 5 Hz to 35 kHz. As we said, this is a professional headphone so you can’t power it with a mobile device or smartphone because it has a nominal impedance of 250 ohms, which shows that it requires a professional amplification.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

One of the reasons Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50 headphones became popular is that they were kind of anti-Beats. Or, put another way, they were headphones for “smart” listeners who cracked down on people who overpaid and got sucked into all of Beats’ marketing machines.

You’d expect one of these cables to have a built-in microphone and remote, but interestingly, none of them do. Instead, you get a 3 meter (9.8 ft) long straight cable, a 1.2 m (3.9 ft) short straight cable, and a 1.2 to 3.0 meter coiled cable ( 3.0 feet). 0.9 to 9.8 feet). Audio-Technica’s explanation of the missing cable, found in the Q&A section of the headset’s product page, reads: “Unfortunately, the ATH-M50x headset does not have a built-in microphone or driver. line. This is the case with all Audio-Technica M-series headphones. There are currently no known adapters available that will fit either operation.

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Pioneer HRM-6 Pro

The Pro DJ HRM-6 headphones are one of the brand’s contributions to the music industry. These are closed-back over-ear headphones with an adjustable stainless steel headband. This headband is covered with ample padding for your comfort. The ear cups are also well padded with memory foam and covered in soft leather. This is to make sure your ears don’t hurt from long time listening.

The ear cushions, which provide good comfort, also help with sound isolation, so the amount of sound coming in or going out is quite low. You can also rotate the headphones to monitor one ear. The DJ HRM-6 comes with 40mm HD drivers. These speakers are capable of delivering clean, balanced sound over a frequency response range of 5Hz to 40kHz. This makes it suitable for professional audio work. It comes with 2 straight cables (1.2 meters and 3 meters) and a 1.2 meter coiled cable extendable up to 3 meters.

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sony mdr7506

This device offers a strong dynamic response and a large frequency range. It may not be as good as the previous version if you are looking for raw power and raw hardware capabilities. The rare 40mm horizontal speakers are a bit smaller. However, it’s more than enough for most levels and does more than advanced circuitry and crystal clear sound.

The response has a high frequency, between 10 Hz and 20 kHz. It’s about the same as humans in the frequency range, so any lower or higher notes should affect it. It remains an excellent linear and distortion-free response throughout this spectrum. If you need to connect to multiple odd ports, this one includes a 1/4 adapter. Gold ribbon connectors ensure noise-free interaction with other preamps or monitors. The overall design is sturdy and durable enough to live on the go or in a secure home studio.

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Shure SRH840

The Shure SRH840 headphones are a pair of over-ear headphones with a sleek black look. While they fold up quite nicely, the fact remains that they’re more suited to be your pair of headphones at home (or in the studio). Well, they are quite large and don’t have a particularly tight closure. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to listen to at home, but it’s not your favorite headphones.

Still, compared to other home or studio headphones, the Shure SRH840 headphones are quite compact. They fold up and fit into a carrying case, so if you need to take them to another studio, you can do that quite easily. Plus, each ear can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing you to listen with just one ear while mixing. Just because the headphones are big enough doesn’t mean they’re ugly, they aren’t. Not even remotely. The color scheme combined with the metal plate on each ear cup gives the headphones a high-end professional look.

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Fostex T50RP MK3

One of the world’s largest developers of OEM loudspeaker and transducer products. Fostex has been around for a while and they’ve made some great headphones during that time. If you’re relatively new to the audiophile world or looking to get started, you might want to consider the Fostex T50RP. If you’re a headphone enthusiast interested in mods, the Fostex T50RP Mk3 is also a great place to start.

The T50RP model was released and is now in its third iteration. The T50RP is a staple of many recording studios, but it’s also found a strong following for home setups because it’s so much fun to mod and play with. Fixing a set of these T50RPs is like fixing your first car.

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Sennheiser HD 25 Plus Pro

Sennheiser is one such brand that has firmly established itself in the music and audio solutions industry as a trustworthy brand. This has been achieved thanks to the quality of its products. One such product is the HD 25 Plus. These are the newest addition to the HD 25 series which was first created in the 80s. These headphones have become an industry standard when it comes to DJing. The PLUS is the current sum of the small modifications that the brand has made to this series over the years. These modifications were aimed at obtaining more comfort, flexibility and robustness.

It is a closed-back in-ear headphone with a padded headband and padded ear cups. The adjustment is made by moving the helmet up or down. The earbuds can also be moved sideways for single-ear monitoring. The accompanying drivers feature lightweight aluminum voice coils capable of handling up to 120dB SPL and covering a frequency response range of 16Hz to 22kHz. The sound you get from these is clear and natural.

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