Watch Monster Florence perform ‘Handstand’ at Abbey Road Studios

Colchester hip-hop collective Monster Florence have shared a new video of them performing their single ‘Handstand’ at legendary Abbey Road Studios – watch it first on below.

The track is taken from the recent six-track EP “Cowboys and Idiots”, released in May.

Speaking about the new performance, Tom Donovan of the band said, “When we started recording the live performance of ‘Handstand’, we found ourselves in a situation where, between the 6 of us, there was no way to recreate the fullness of studio recording, so we’ve brought in a few close friends who we’re collaborating with to fill in the missing instruments.

“We hired Will and Robin to take care of the piano and double bass. We knew there was a string quartet with us that day, so Jonny put together a string arrangement to lift it up.

He continued, “When we first ran, we all stood there in silence, trying to figure out how magical it sounded. What you see on the video is the second take. We agreed to leave him there, because we knew he couldn’t do better than this performance.

“Playing on the hallowed grounds of Abbey Road brought out the best in all of us. Our engineer Paul even pulled out one of the old pianos used by the Beatles to use. The live version is one of our proudest performances.

In March, Monster Florence collaborated with Miles Kane on the new track “Picture Frame.”

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