K-pop group Cravity finally releases new album after delay due to Covid-19 – Manila Bulletin

The K-pop boy group finally made their comeback on March 22 with the release of their new album “Liberty: In Our Cosmos.”

The album was originally set to be released on February 22, but all nine members of Cravity tested positive for Covid-19 between February 12 and 20, causing their comeback to be postponed.

Cravity (Twitter)

During an online press conference on March 22, Cravity’s Serim said they were all suffering from minor symptoms of Covid-19.

“Everyone is back in good condition, and we all suffered only mild symptoms and sore throats. Because we all had the virus, many people around us, including our fans, were very worried, and we were able to recover quickly thanks to everyone,” he said, the Korean Herald reported.

Woobin said at the time, “We tried to see the bright side of the situation and took it as a chance to look back and prepare even more. As our fundamental objective is to improve and grow with each release, it was good in this direction.

“Liberty: In Our Cosmos” features the lead track “Adrenaline” in which Serim and Allen became songwriters. Other tracks on the album are “POW!”, “Outro: In Our Cosmos”, “Chandelier”, “Flip the Frame”, “Late Night”, “Maybe Baby”, and “Boppin”.

The album, Minhee said, is about “high school kids. The album shows the emotions of free-spirited rebels, going against reality and making the most of life and growing inside.

“If the first album was about us yearning for freedom, the new album shows us completely free and appreciating that freedom,” according to Wonjin.

About their goals for the new album, Seongmin said, “Although numbers aren’t everything, it feels good to hear the word ‘career,’ and we hope to feel it again with this album. We hope that our name, Cravity, will stay on Billboard and other music charts for a long time, inside and outside the country, this time.

“I think we are always rushing towards our goal. Although we still have more room to grow, we have definitely improved in many ways – in our chemistry between the members, and in our performances and vocals. Our original goal was to debut and make albums, and now we want to proudly stand in front of our fans as a versatile group,” Taeyoung said.

Cravity will hold a concert on April 2 and 3, and according to Wonjin, “The concert was on our to-do list before our debut, so we are looking forward to it.”

“We will also be communicating with fans via an online livestream and have put a lot of our opinions into shaping the concert. We know what our fans want the most, and that was the most important part in planning the upcoming show,” he said.



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