Dear BTS: Fan says the group’s songs are ‘warm and comforting’ to their hearts

With seven members RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, boy group BTS is one of the biggest musical groups in the world. Since their debut in 2013, the two Grammy nominees have steadily reached new heights, cementing their place in people’s hearts. With their extensive discography spanning a multitude of topics and genres, the band is akin to a household name today. BTS will release their anthology album, titled “Proof,” on June 10, 2022.

Today’s sweet letter was written by a BTS fan. Read the letter below.

Dear BTS
How are you guys? I have missed you terribly. Whenever I miss you, I wish I could be there with you whenever you need someone to lean on, just like how your songs are the warmth and comfort to my heart. I just want you to know… you are not alone. You are all waiting for us at this perfect and unforgettable moment to meet you one day if possible. My desire to see you is much stronger than the long distance that separates us. So I’ll always have that faith and that hope that could lead me to you. Maybe I wasn’t there with you from the start but I will prove to you that I will never leave you again from now on and promise to always wait for that day to meet you!! Borahaeeee!! I love you guys so much 100 to infinity and back.
Promise to take care of yourself,
Don’t overwork yourself.
Be happy, keep smiling
Don’t forget I’m gonna miss you here every night every day.

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