Best JBL Professional Studio Monitors of 2022 May

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Quick list of the best JBL professional studio monitors

JBL studio monitors are not a cheap investment. We’ve organized our list below based on different budgets. Keep in mind that the ROI of more expensive monitors will decrease. The best monitors only sound fantastic in a well-treated room, and there’s no point spending money on a high-end pair if your room doesn’t. They do not have adequate acoustic treatment. JBL Professional acoustic foam does nothing! It would be better to have heavy bass traps with lots of mass to alter the low end response of your room. JBL professional studio monitors are the best speakers.

Most monitors are meant to be all-rounders, which is why we rarely have gender-specific recommendations. But we’ll give you some monitor sets below that work well in certain setups. Brands like Focal have excellent high-end response, ideal for vocals, while some monitors with smaller drivers miss the low frequencies crucial for electronic music. So today we’re bringing you the best JBL professional studio monitors.

Check out the list of the best JBL professional studio monitors

JBL Professional C2PS Control 2P self-powered compact monitor

The Control 2P compact amplified reference monitor system combines legendary JBL speaker design with powerful amplification to deliver rich, accurate performance for demanding audio applications. The compact design, rugged housing and professional features make the Control 2P Powered Compact Reference Monitor ideal for desktop video recording and production, AV presentations, professional broadcast applications and instrument monitoring. electronic music.

Equipped with a 35 watt dual channel power amplifier and highly sensitive drivers for exceptional performance. White LED – Lights when the Control 2P is connected to a power source and the power switch is ON. Snap-in Pedestals – Use these adapters to adjust the vertical coverage of the Control 2P for the Control 2P and attached extension speaker.

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The next-generation JBL 306P MkII powered studio monitor brings legendary JBL performance to any studio. Featuring the revolutionary JBL Image Control waveguide and sophisticated converters, the JBL 306P MkII delivers stunning detail, precise imaging, a wide sweet spot and impressive dynamic range that enhance the mixing possibilities of any modern workspace.

Using proprietary technologies derived from the JBL 7 Series and M2 reference master monitors, the JBL 306P MkII features a sleek, modern design. The JBL 306P MkII has been updated with the famous 3-series converters, which now perform even better. Hear deep, accurate, and tightly controlled bass from a 6.5-inch long-excursion woofer and patented JBL Slip Stream low-frequency connector.

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JBL Professional Series 1 104-BT

The latest in the 1 Series, the compact JBL 104-BT Reference Monitors with Bluetooth draw on seven decades of professional JBL engineering to deliver the purest, most accurate sound in their class. They’re perfect for recording musicians, producers, podcasters and vloggers, as well as professional sound engineers looking for precise portable reference with Bluetooth streaming.

Creative professionals, music lovers, and anyone looking for the flexibility to deliver wired and wireless sound to high-quality studio monitors can rely on the JBL 104-BT to deliver a sonic reference and listening experience. precise and reliable. really enjoyable listening. Good mixes start with Honest Mix References. With the JBL 104-BT, you’ll hear the content you’ve created with real clarity and detail, without the coloration that could mess up your mixing decisions. The 104-BTs are optimized for desktop placement, and their smooth off-axis response means you can confidently reference your mixes in a wide sweet spot.

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JBL Professional C1PRO

Packing legendary JBL Professional performance into a compact form factor, the Control 1 Pro features a professional crossover network as well as professional drivers, making it ideal for even the most demanding near-field audio applications. Control 1 Pro’s updated crossover network design features steeper crossover slopes for exceptional sonic performance and improved consistency throughout the listening area.

The supplied wall bracket allows you to attach the device to a wall or other flat surface. Additionally, the rugged molded case houses magnetically shielded transducers, making the Control 1 Pro ideal for use with video and computer monitors or other magnetically sensitive devices. Nominal impedance 4 ohms.

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JBL Professional Control 5 compact studio monitor system

The Control 5 is a powerful wide-range monitor suitable as the main sound source in a variety of applications. A smooth, extended frequency response is combined with broad dynamic capabilities to deliver sonic performance that makes the Control 5 ideal for recording studios.

Audio and video control rooms, remote control trucks and broadcast studios. The clean and functional visual design also makes the Control 5 ideal for front-end music systems, mid-level PA systems, nightclubs and music playback systems.

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Final Words: Best JBL Professional Studio Monitors

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