GoGo Penguin Live from Studio 2, Abbey Road Studios

GoGo Penguin live from Studio 2
Abbey Road Studios, London

“fueled by floating junglist drums, slick bass lines and a growing bank of Eno-esque digital manipulations. Hypnotic stuff.” (The Guardian)

GoGo Penguin has been hailed as the “Radiohead of British Jazz”, but they also draw on rock, jazz and minimalist influences, alongside the intricacy of Aphex Twin or Four Tet to create their hard-hitting, experimental, but still beautiful. This very special live event, GoGo Penguin Live from Studio Two, was filmed at one of the band’s favorite studios, the legendary Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios, London. Known worldwide as the Beatles’ studio of choice, Studio Two is a unique space, half myth, half sacred space and blessed with brilliant acoustics. For the band, it was the perfect location for a live concert film.

As bassist Nick Blacka explains, “We didn’t want to play in an empty room, in a way, it was just weird trying to create the energy of a concert in an empty room, but we recorded an EP at Studio Two in 2015 and loved the space and somehow it made sense to film a show here”

Pianist Chris Illingworth agrees: “It’s a really special space and we wanted an intimate place that we’d be happy to work in and where we could tap into that feeling of excitement you get at a live concert. direct.

While for drummer Rob Turner, everything depends on the sound of the room: “When we play, we always react to each other but also to the crowd. The people and the energy in the space are as much a part of the performance as we are. Studio Two is steeped in the ghosts of all the amazing music and musicians who have performed there. It has an atmosphere of its own. You really feel the span of time, everything that happened before you and everything that will continue to happen after you”.

Beautifully lit by Lewis Howell, the band’s regular lighting collaborator and recorded by band producer Joe Reiser, the concert features music from the band’s latest Blue Note Records album, simply titled GoGo Penguin, alongside Man Made favorites Object (2016) and A Monotone Star (2018).

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