Abbey Road Studios is still inspiring with its everlasting legacy

Famous music recording studio Abbey Road Studios expand their legacy with all of its latest technological advancements and services.

Abbey Road Studio, formerly known as EMI Studios, is a famous music recording studio located in London, United Kingdom. The English rock band “The Beatles”, very popular in the rock industry, named the studio after their eleventh studio album released in September 1969. Previously, Abbey Road was just the name of the street where find the studio.

History of Abbey Road Studios


The history of the Abbey Road studio dates back to 1929 when musical recordings were still made by wax disc. The Gramophone Company bought the land for the nine-bedroom house with a large garden and built the world’s first recording studio. The Gramophone company later merged with the electrical and music industries, thus naming the studio after EMI recording studios.

History of Abbey Road Studios 1

The Abbey Road Music Recording Studio was officially opened in 1939 with the performance of Sir Edward Elgar’s Land of Hope and Glory. The studio with its grand opening went on to feature classical and orchestral legends like Sir Thomas Beecham, Maria Callas, Geoff Love and many more.

History of Abbey Road Studios 3

Abbey Road is a studio that has defined generation after generation and provided us with world renowned artists. The 1940s were defined by dance and jazz artists like Joe Loss Orchestra and Glenn Miller and the 1960s pop charts were defined by Ravi Shankar, Cilla Black and many other famous artists. The Beatles, however, recorded their 190 out of 210 songs in the studio between 1962 and 1970. They had a great influence on the studio as they changed the studio and its culture forever. The three-hour studio sessions lasted all night as they pushed experimentation beyond the limits with their creativity.

Oli Morgan, Abbey Road mastering engineer and stem specialist

Contribution of new technologies

It was at Abbey Road that the concept of stereo music was invented by master Alan Blumlein when he patented ‘Binaural’, which means listening with two ears. The Record Engineering Development Department was introduced by engineer Len Page in 1955 to meet the needs of the various artists and music producers using the rooms, developing their first mixing desks.

It was also at Abbey Road that the concept of Artificial Double Tracking (ADT) was discovered by Ken Townsend, who was an engineer at the studio.

The mastering heritage has always been a special aspect of Abbey Road Studios as it consists of several mastering suites, combining an unrivaled selection of classic analogue and modern digital equipment. From the early 1970s until today, many well-known artists have chosen their music to be recorded there. From George Harrison to Lady Gaga, everyone is fond of Abbey Studio.

Workshop Sections

Abbey Road has a lot to offer as having the chance to record or even work on a project is a dream come true for any artist and producer. They are available with large spaces and segments ranging from Studio One, Two, Three to their latest additions of The Gatehouse and the Front Room. Emerging talent from around the world is welcome at Abbey Road and for them it is exciting to use the legendary studio equipped with all the modern equipment needed for excellent production. The Penthouse offers flexibility for every type of project.

Studio 1 – it is the largest purpose-built recording studio in the world where it can comfortably accommodate a large orchestral symphony or choir.

Studio 2-It is their most famous studio which offers a unique design, modern cubicles, warm acoustics and an unparalleled history has made it the most sought after studio in the world.

Studio Three – This is the ideal large room for mixing sessions and a substantial living room. It also offers isolation booths for vocal and instrumental recordings.

The Penthouse – The Penthouse is a modern studio for versatile mixing projects. This is a completely different studio space than previous ones as it is fully accredited for Dolby ATMOShome entertainment projects. It is dedicated to high-end musical productions.

The gatehouse – It is absolutely perfect for a small group or vocal artists who are looking for state-of-the-art technological equipment with a control room and a mixing desk.

The road ahead – The studio was designed for smaller scale recordings and writing sessions. It is designed to allow a wider range of customers to benefit from Abbey Road’s unique inspiring atmosphere.

Abbey Road studio has been contributing for the past 40 years, their excellence in film music has made the studio the world’s premier destination for all types of projects. Projects like Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lord of the Rings, The Harry Potter Series, Avengers: Endgame, etc. have been well rated and mastered in this very popular studio. The studio is a place where artists come to get inspiration for their brand new productions and this particular studio has been the hallowed ground for many world famous artists who have started their golden journey to greatness.

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