Studio MDHR talks development stories, new bosses, and the future in Game Informer interview

Mortimer Freeze, one of the new bosses of “Delicious Last Course”

The Summer Games Fest season is at its peak and news continues to pour in, this time regarding Cuphead’s highly anticipated DLC: “Delicious Last Course”. In a new interview, Game Informer’s Alex Stadnik sits down with Maja Moldenhauer (Studio Head at Studio MDHR) to talk about the upcoming DLC ​​and asks some of the burning questions fans might have about the expansion. If you’d like to see the interview in its entirety, we’ve attached the video below.

The full interview gives an interesting insight into the love the team has put into “Delicious Last Course.” One of the biggest notes Maja brings up is how unique the new DLC character, Ms. Chalice, is from her Cuphead and Mugman co-stars, in part because of her moves and individual abilities. Maja also goes on to talk about the process of recording the music for the DLC, noting that the sessions required nearly double the size of the original score’s orchestra, bringing the total number of musicians to around 110!

The interview then ends with Maja talking a bit about the future of Studio MDHR beyond ‘Cuphead’ to which her response was..

“We’re not going anywhere. We’re big fans of 2D animation, I can tell. So you’ll see more of that and a lot of other stuff outside of the studio”

[Maja Moldenhauer (Studio MDHR)]


All in all, it looks like Maja and the whole team really believe in what they’ve done with ‘Delicious Last Course’ and are looking forward to the fan reception once the expansion goes live, which won’t be. not very long from now on because the DLC should arrive on June 30th!

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