Philadelphia student Tyler Reddick aims to help young entrepreneurs with new studio center in Fishtown

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Philadelphia resident Tyler Reddick uses his passion for art to help others.

This weekend, she opened a photography and recording studio in the Fishtown section of town, but says celebrating it is celebrating her former high school teacher, Samuel Reed.

Since the pandemic, the teacher at “The U School” district high school has taught students and even alumni a lesson in real-world affairs.

He thought about how he could help inspire and occupy his students – and so set up the small business, the Side Hustle Accelerator program, which is a partner of the U School.

“My side business is helping other people with their side business,” said Samuel Reed. “So helping young people to incubate, kick start and transform their passions into something tangible that reaffirms life is really powerful.”

Through donations, Reed provides funding for the program to help participants start their businesses.

Based in a warehouse in Fishtown, Reddick opened Nothing But HiLvL studios.

Reddick says that when she was a student she felt the impacts of the budget cuts for the mural art program and wanted to make sure that current students still have access to the art programs.

“I know that for me art has had a major impact on my life. When it got deleted it shook me up a bit,” Reddick said. “I just want the kids to have the same experience I had in this store.”

Reddick says she wants her studio to be a place where everyone can use it for their own growth opportunities.

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