Opening of a new rehearsal space and studio in Glenealy for local bands

A new rehearsal and recording studio has opened in Glenealy, aiming to boost the local music scene.

The Locker Room Studio is located in the former Kerry Foods factory and was created by Rathnew living couple, Maria A Klement and John Breen, and provides bands and artists with opportunities for studio rehearsals, performance sessions, video recording and filming.

“It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a while and we started rolling it out in December, January, and we finished rolling it all out in May,” John said.

“We spoke to a few bands before we set up the studio that there wasn’t something like this available in the whole Wicklow, Ashford, Glenealy, Rathnew area. Most local bands have to use a room in the house to rehearse and might not bother their parents or neighbors. There are plenty of musicians around, but very few places to record or rehearse.

John and Maria also have their own band Bodíe, and Maria specializes in sound engineering and production. Paul has a background in filmmaking and can use his experience and talent for video productions. He is also an in-house drummer in the studio if bands or artists need him during rehearsal or recording.

“There’s nothing like it in the area, and local bands have to travel to Dublin and spend €50 an hour to rent a tiny room. We wanted to do something new and fresh. It offers also gives groups the ability to create and record original music.

“I hope the studio will also help launch a small music scene in Wicklow. The studio is ideal for bands or young musicians who are struggling to find a place to play,” said Maria.

She has over nine years of experience in music and film production, while John has professional experience in directing, cinematography and editing.

John added: “Our prices are low and we try to keep it cheap for people because we’re not looking for profit. Every first rehearsal offered is free, so bands and artists can see if it works for them. In the future, we also plan to create a Battle of the Bands to showcase some of the great and talented musicians in the region.

Anyone wishing to book a rehearsal, recording or video can contact John and Mari on the website

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