Musical group hails Dangote in new song

Weynom McDavid, the winner of the “Hit The Note” music contest, and some of the contestants, have teamed up to release a single titled “Dangote”.

The talent hunt competition was an initiative of Mkeyvision, an entertainment and recording label.

McDavid and runner-up Gabriel Okoh and Martha Ugwu all returned home with record deals and different gifts and they were all upbeat about their new song, which is a single titled “Dangote”, which led to group formation. , “Visionaries”.

The Visioners, a group of five, consists of McDavid, Okoh, Martha, Odekunle Precious, and Wisdom Tamaramkuro.

According to Visioners, “Dangote” aims to encourage young people to strive for the best because the achievement of man Aliko Dangote, the CEO of Dangote Group, serves as an encouragement to young Nigerians in the face of several social vices associated with young people in the society.

During a press conference held with MKeyVision and the artists, Visioners said they embarked on a mission to impact society with their voices, while praising the efforts of MkeyVision’s management. to launch the initiative.

McDavid, the talent hunt winner who returned home with an N4m music contract, said he was overwhelmed with what MkeyVison has done for his career and needed to show his appreciation by doing something that would benefit members of the public and also, the Mkeyvison itself in the long run.

He said, “We have a vision and that’s what Mkeyvision turned into a reality for us and we decided to sing the song ‘Dangote’ because if you look at it, Dangote is an achievement, everyone wants to be like him because he is a positive story for the nation.

“In this song there are lines about morals and evils in society and the reason is that we know that society especially ours in Nigeria needs encouragement for change and a positive change.”

One of the band members, Wisdom, said that MkeyVison’s audition was very strenuous, but it was obvious that the company was looking for the best of the best and that the Visioners were the best because of the process by which they had been chosen.

He said: “During the competition and the audition we were all put through a very difficult process by the organizers and look at it now they got the best of us all and before you knew it we would become superstars and why would that happen? This is because the management of MkeyVision decided to go through the official process of selecting the best ones.

Another of the Visioners, Gabriel, speaking to the press, explained that “Dangote” is an inspirational song that would encourage young Nigerians to shun vices and work honestly to achieve success in whatever field they find themselves in. .

He said, “Young Nigerians need mentorship and when we sang the Dangote song it was no mistake as we know the nation is going through a very difficult time and young people are going off the rails. So it’s very obvious that there could be a dynamic return to the days when truth was the main thing.

The only female member of the group, Martha said that as an only child she loved to sing and when she came on board with MkeyVision and Visioners it was a new world for her. She said it has been great for her and she hopes to have a positive impact on the Visoners and her own social project.

She said: “I’m one of the finalists in the competition and when this opportunity came it was all good for me as it’s not something you would see every day. I believe in my abilities to bring about change. Our song Dangote tells a lot of stories and we want young Nigerians to see what we mean by this song as it is an indicator of the right direction instead of crime and criminal life.

One of the management team members, Eniyansoro Busayo, said the talent hunt that brought the Visioners together as a group is an ongoing process as MkeyVision’s management is on top.

Omor Jacobs, the PR Manager of MkeyVision also explained that in September 2022, another talent hunt would take place and this time it would be made available that apart from Nigerians, other African nationals could do so. part.

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