Magpie Group to Host ‘Geordie Night’ Fundraiser for Newcastle United Food Bank

The Magpie Group is hosting a Geordie “June 9th” celebration to raise money for the NUFC Fan Food Bank. Guests from across the North East will be at the Tyneside Irish Center for the 160th anniversary of Blaydon Races.

A night of local history, music, football talk and entertainment will take place on Thursday and all proceeds generated will help Tyneside’s most vulnerable families. The NUFC Fan Food Bank has raised nearly £150,000 throughout the 2021-22 Premier League season, with most revenue generated on matchdays by fans.

With no football scheduled at St James’ Park until July 29, the food bank is suffering a financial vacuum in the off-season. Next week’s event aims to bridge the gap by hosting a mini-festival commemorating different aspects of Northeastern culture.

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A Magpie Group spokesperson thinks a night of local heritage and Geordie generosity is the perfect way to spend Blaydon Races day.

Shaun told ChronicleLive: “Basically the idea comes from all of us saying, we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day more than we’re celebrating St. George’s Day and we’re not doing anything at all for Newcastle. We thought it would be great to have a charity night and what better way to host one than on June 9th.

“George Stephenson was born on June 9 and it’s the 160th anniversary of the Blaydon races, so why aren’t we doing something to raise money for the food bank? Their volunteers do a fantastic job on game days, but now that the season is over their income is drastically reduced.

“Dan Jackson, author of the best-selling Northumbrians, will host the event. The Athletic’s Chris Waugh and Taylor Payne will also be doing a live Podcast on the Tyne where they’ll take part in a Q&A with Newcastle fans.

“There will be live music for everyone and Gavin Webster, an established comedian, will close the show. So we have a good guest list for anyone who wants to come.”

Between April 2021 and March 2022, the Trussell Trust – a charity set up to end food banks in the UK – delivered over 100,000 food parcels to the North East. Inflation and rising energy prices mean that this figure is likely to rise rather than fall.

Bill Corcoran, a volunteer with the NUFC Fan Food Bank, praised the support Newcastle United fans have shown in recent years and stressed the importance of events like Thursday’s fundraiser.

“Right now, unfortunately, we need food banks, otherwise some people will starve. I wish none of us had to and I think one day we won’t but, so far, the input from the Newcastle fans has been fantastic.

“This event is fantastic because it keeps us at the forefront of people’s minds now that the season is over. It’s a community that sticks together – it always has.

“The support we have is humbling. It’s a great way to celebrate 9th June, Blaydon Race Day. In Newcastle, no one will ever stop looking after each other and that’s is more important than buildings, art galleries, museums and even bridges.

Tickets for ‘Geordie Night’ at the Tyneside Irish Center on Saturday 9th June are priced at £12.50 and can be purchased at:

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