James Marsden reveals the tricks of the ‘Boss Baby 2’ home studio


Watch: James Marsden discusses setting up his home studio for the boss baby 2

James Marsden had to adopt a DIY solution to keep working on his voice The Boss Baby 2: Family business after the COVID-19 pandemic stopped physical production.

The 48-year-old star reprizes the role of Tim Templeton in the animated sequel, in which he and his brother Ted (Alec Baldwin) must become children again to foil the evil plot of Jeff Goldblum’s evil director Dr. Erwin Armstrong.

Marsden told Yahoo Entertainment UK his recording sessions were around 70% complete when COVID-19 forced the cast and crew to lock down.

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Along with his co-stars, Marsden received the necessary audio equipment from the production team and had to turn to DIY to make sure his setup was up to par.

He said, “I had to build a recording booth at home with my children’s mattresses. Talk about being a kid again.

Alec Baldwin returns to voice the titular baby in “The Boss Baby 2: Family Business”. (Universal / DreamWorks)

“When you’re young and you make little forts with sheets and blankets and things like that, I did that for real to make a home recording studio.

“It was like three or four mattresses. You make that kind of box and then throw blankets over it.

“It’s you snuggled up here with a little microphone and a computer and you see [director] Tom McGrath on screen. You work from home doing voiceover work. I think part of it was in the movie that we recorded at home. “

James Marsden had to build his own recording studio to

James Marsden had to build his own recording studio for “The Boss Baby 2: Family Business”. (Rachel Luna / Getty Images)

Marsden added that part of the fun of making the film was “finding a way to keep the engine running” when the pandemic hampered traditional methods.

Tom McGrath, who returned as a director after directing the first film in 2017, told Yahoo Entertainment UK the film was one of the first Hollywood productions to reboot in 2020.

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He added: “I think the fact that we have worked closely together in person has allowed us to work together seamlessly at home.

“It was interesting in the animation dailies and stuff because people’s kids wanted to watch. It was our test audience, to see if the kids laughed at the animation.”

The Boss Baby 2: Family business is now in UK cinemas.

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