Inside Timbaland’s £1.5million camper van with its own recording studio and sound booth with a GOLD microphone

TIMBALAND is known worldwide for his success as a songwriter, record producer and rapper.

Such a busy man is always on the road and like many other celebrities, he chose a luxury motorhome to make his life easier between shows.


Timbaland went to Vulcan Coaches in the US to get what he wantedCredit:

Timbaland (real name Timothy Zachery Mosley) went to one of the biggest names in the industry to choose his RV – Vulcan Trainers.

Vulcan built some of the best coach conversions, but Timbaland had to be truly unique.

That’s because he wanted a professional-grade music recording studio in his own, giving him the ability to produce chart-topping tracks on the go.

As you can see, the rear section of the bus is fully equipped for this, with state-of-the-art recording technology at your fingertips.

But what about singing? No problem. Timbaland’s motorhome has a professional sound booth to make sure everything is perfect.

Moreover, the microphone is one of the best on the market and is even gold plated.

All seats inside are upholstered in the finest leathers, while you will find beautiful marble on all floors.

There’s also so much rich mahogany in there, it must feel like you’re sitting in an antique cabinet.

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Ambient lighting gives the interior a cool look at night, and there’s even a light plaque on the floor for Mosley Music Group – Timbaland’s label.

There is also a huge flat screen TV hanging on the wall and of course an amazing sound system to listen to the songs you have just mixed in the back.

Coach Timbaland’s RV is based on can cost up to £1.5m to buy new and given that it’s a one-off recording studio it could even be more.

They typically weigh around 20 tonnes and can cost up to £1,600 in today’s diesel prices to fill, while still running at a rate of 8mpg.

A professional quality recording studio is on board


A professional quality recording studio is on boardCredit:
It's all leather, marble and wood inside


It’s all leather, marble and wood insideCredit:
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