Foo Fighters Records Killer In First Studio 666 Trailer

“Studio 666” is set to hit theaters on February 25.

Image via Foo Fighters

The Foo fighters literally aim to make a killer record. The group released a first look at their upcoming horror film, Studio 666, and it promises to be a trippy ride from start to finish.

The trailer begins with the group setting up and recording a record at an Encino mansion that is apparently haunted by demonic spirits. As soon as Dave grohl hits the recorder, it spins back and turns Grohl’s eyes black, signaling that a demonic spirit has inhabited him. He is then shown flying out of the room, the other two occupants oblivious to what just happened.

The rest of the 43-second trailer is a mix of what’s going on, with the demonic spirits unleashed and causing all kinds of terror in the neighborhood, and a scene seemingly referencing Sam raimi‘s Diabolical death as a member of the group, unearths a book surprisingly similar to the Naturom Demento which played a huge role in the series of this film. There’s plenty of stuff to the Foo Fighters in the short trailer, giving fans a taste of the bloody delicacies coming to the big screen soon.

Image via Foo Fighters

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Studio 666 will find Grohl and the rest of the group battling supernatural spirits to try and complete their new album and save their own lives in the process. Known for their eccentrically charming music videos, the Foo Fighters have decided that now is the time to make a feature film based on the horror comedies that populated the ’80s and’ 90s. As previously reported by Collider, The Mansion That Will Be part of Studio 666 was the same mansion they recorded on their last album, Medicine at midnight, which Grohl believed to be haunted. The group teamed up with Open Roads Films to bring the film to fruition.


Studio 666 is scheduled to hit theaters on February 25. Check out the trailer below.

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