EUROPE complete recording of new album at legendary ABBEY ROAD studios

Swedish hard rockers EUROPE have finished recording their new album for release in October. The sequel to 2015 “War of Kings” was deposited in London, the legendary Abbey Road studios and was produced by David Cobbwho also helmed the band’s latest record.

Said EUROPE: “[The new album] turned out so much more exciting than expected!

“The atmosphere in this studio is great! The staff and facilities are out of this world.

“Of course, we couldn’t resist having fun with vintage gear and amazing recording techniques.

“Our producer David Cobb really made the songs fly, beautifully crafted by Eddie Lance.

“The album is due out in October, with one or two tracks to come before release. In the meantime, we’re preparing to hit the road again for our ‘Electric Summer Tour 2017’. Looking forward to seeing you all there!”

EUROPE drummer Ian Haugland Told FaceCulture last November about the band’s songwriting process: “What we try with every new album is not to repeat [ourselves]but to look at the back catalog and [go], “Okay, we did that on this album, so maybe we’ll go crazy for something else.” So it’s good. And it’s like having an art gallery with different images that you can look at, and you get different feelings from different images. So I think the next EUROPE the album will probably be a little different from “War of Kings”I guess.”

EUROPE last year completed a short European tour during which the band played “The final Countdown” album in its entirety to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the LP.

“War of Kings” was released in March 2015 via UDR Music.


We just finished recording our new album at the legendary Abbey Road studios!

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posted by Europe on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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