Clondalkin man turns cluttered shop into studio for top podcast stars

A Clondalkin man has transformed a cluttered room into a thriving recording studio that has been used by some of the podcast’s top stars.

Ryan Cassells Holmes offers anyone interested in recording music or recording a podcast the opportunity to do so in a professional setting.

Ryan is a recent graduate and he decided to take up bass after finishing his studies.

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But he came across a cluttered room in the music store that he saw potential in.

He told Dublin Live: “At this time last year I completed my course in Sound Engineering and Music Production at BIMM. I used to play guitar but fell in love with it but ended up picking up bass.

“I went to my local village music store in Clondalkin. They teach bass so I said I would go and find out about learning.

“Throughout his apprenticeship, I chatted with the shop owner and the teachers. He had a space where the shop is.

“It was full of clutter, instruments and different things. So I asked if it would be okay if I cleaned it up and started running a recording studio part-time.

Studio equipment

Ryan in his element
Ryan in his element

Ryan decided to invest a lot of money in equipment and started advertising the space.

He first advertised it as a recording studio, but later added a podcast studio to it and it caught the eye of Enya Martin’s So Over It podcast from Giz a Laugh and Jordan Reddy.

Ryan said: “During the Spotify Wrap Up they realized they had a lot of podcast fans so we started filming them here.

“There are a few guests who have come here, it’s very exciting. Darren Conway was there and Davina Devine.

“It was a great trip. It’s very niche. I’m always encouraged to improve a bit, it’s a work in progress.

“There really isn’t much in my area, so I’m lucky to have that and give opportunities to other people.”

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