BoA Shares Thoughts After Joining SM Entertainment’s Project Group GOT The Beat

Boaas a long-time performer of K-music, added a new flavor to GOT the beat.

If SM Entertainment has an ace card, it would definitely be BoA as the soloist has been one of the most influential Korean singers in the world. Due to her decades-long experience, she won the title Queen of K-pop after its debut in August 2000.

So far, she has already released 20 studio albums, including 10 in Korean, nine in Japanese, and one in English. She has expanded her career by participating in several reality shows, including K-pop star, listen to love, and The voice of Korea.

Despite her long list of accolades and experiences, BoA reportedly had a hard time accepting that she joined the new girl group of the SM Entertainment project.

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BoA Shares Her Thoughts After Joining GOT The Beat

BoA recently sat down for an interview with Billboard alongside GOT members The Beat – Girls’ Generations Taeyeon and Hyoyeon; Seulgi and Wendy of Red Velvet; and Karina and Winter from aespa.

Elsewhere in the chat, BoA said she didn’t know why she was there and how she got into the group. Still, she is grateful, especially since she had the chance to work with great dancers and singers.

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“I don’t know why I’m here. But I was very happy to be part of this project,” she said.

Despite her skills, she reportedly struggled to work in a group as she’s used to being in the middle at all times. But with the success of GOT The Beat and the commendable talents of the members, BoA finally embraced her new career.

aespa members fear working with A-Listers

Winter and Karina, members of aespa, were nervous about working and playing with their elders.

Per Winter, the other members of GOT The Beat have more experience than them. By comparison, BoA debuted before he was even born. Meanwhile, the girls’ generation debuted nearly 15 years ago.

But despite her concerns, older members reportedly helped her and Winter when they started practicing. Karina shared the same thoughts and revealed that they grew closer through the project.

“We were able to talk a lot during the breaks and I received good advice from the members. Recently, we started a group chat where we would also share bits and pieces of our daily lives,” she continued.

GOT The Beat has yet to announce their next project, but the group will surely pick up another music show win soon.

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