Avenged Sevenfold are ‘90% done’ recording their new album after a recent studio session with a 78-piece orchestra

After considerable anticipation due to pandemic limitations, multi-platinum metalcore has become an alternative metal outfit avenged sevenfold were recently able to enter the studio with a 78-piece orchestra. These sessions were one of the major stumbling blocks the band had faced in advancing the recording process for their eighth studio album.

Frontman M. Shadows told Metal Hammer last month that the majority of the upcoming full effort had already been recorded for a year, but they were waiting for restrictions to be lifted to allow them to record the orchestral parts in a non-remote frame. According to the group’s social networks, these sessions took place on Tuesday, February 8.

The band’s drummer, Brooks Wackermn, recently took to Instagram to offer the following:

We-avenged sevenfold– started writing this record 4 years ago and I can’t believe we’re 90% done… One of the benefits – in the creative process – is that we’re able to follow an orchestra of 78 musicians on our records. The fact that we are able to bring together amazing musicians to improve our craft still gives me chills. I can’t wait for the world to hear this. and good night!

Shadows have previously said they intend to complete tracking the album this month, with mixing slated to begin in March.


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