America’s Got Talent 2022 LIVE NOW – JoJo Siwa’s XOMG Pop Girl Group Is “In Shock” After Judges’ Unanimous Vote

COMPETITION show America’s Got Talent (AGT) returns for Season 17 with a slew of incredible talent vying for a million dollar prize and the chance to perform in Las Vegas.

The season premiere kicked off with glitter and rainbows as JoJo Siwa’s girl group XOMG POP! performed an original song that blew the audience away.

JoJo and her mother Jessalynn, who also founded the group, cheered on the girls backstage as the colorful performance wowed the judges.

“Every little girl in America is going to go crazy when she sees you on AGT,” Sofía Vergara told the girls before the four judges voted to send the girl group to the next round of the competition.

Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara and Howie Mandel return to assess the talents fighting for victory, awarding golden buzzers and avoiding the red buzzer that signals the end of the road for some.

The show’s 17th season will debut tonight and air on NBC starting at 8 p.m. EST, or stream on Hulu and Peacock.

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  • “Redefining Ventriloquism”

    AGT tweeted a video of the talented singer, saying she’s “redefining ventriloquism” with her quirky performance.

  • The judges sing the praises of the ventriloquists

    “It’s the most original thing I’ve ever seen,” Howie said.

    Simon said Celia’s performance is the best original ventriloquist performance he has ever seen.

    With four yeses, the singer progresses in the competition.

  • A ventriloquist shocks the crowd

    A Spanish opera singer puts on a ventriloquist show and said before her performance that “all the voices you hear are hers”.

    The singer, Celia Munoz, sang an entire song without moving her mouth to form the lyrics.

    She flossed and drank from a water bottle while continuing to sing.

  • Simon’s “gift”

    Simon Cowell called the latest audition the “BEST WORST” audition ever and tweeted an edited video of the song’s chorus.

  • Judges change their minds

    “I want to kill you now,” Simon Cowell told the songwriter. “It’s stuck in my head now.”

    The judge said the contestant’s refrain about parmesan cheese got stuck in his head as the crowd sang along, causing him to change his answer from no to yes.

    The other judges followed suit, sending the songwriter to the next round with three yeses.

  • Spaghetti Serenade

    A singer and songwriter took the stage to seriously sing a song about wanting parmesan cheese on his spaghetti at Italian restaurants.

    “Why are they so stingy? Is there a shortage of parmesan cheese?” he sings.

    All the judges voted no but were greeted by the audience applauding the parmesan cheese.

    The pasta-loving singer led the crowd in a chorus of “I always want more parmesan but I’m embarrassed.”

  • man on fire

    A man took the stage and dedicated his performance to his wife before setting himself on fire.

    The excited contestant attempted to sing a song but was interrupted by the judges who voted against him.

    The fire was put out and the man was sent home.

  • ‘Raise the roof’

    Howie Mandel said it was impressive that the British singer performed so well. He said Lee Collinson “raised the roof”.

    Collinson confronted her mother and introduced them to the hosts before they enthusiastically gave her four yeses.

  • The competitor crossed the sea

    Lee Collinson, 20, took the stage to sing a song by Dermot Kennedy.

    The British singer said he was emotional and nervous preparing for this performance as he lost a friend last year in lockdown, and this song reminds him of his friend.

    Collinson said he had never visited the United States before his trip to audition.

  • The magic takes over

    Mervant, a magician, said being on the show was a “dream come true” after losing his grandmother last year, who always encouraged him to practice magic.

    In his performance, Mervant rapped during his card tricks and illusions. Throughout his rap, Mervant paid tribute to Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Terry Crews.

    The magician received a standing ovation from the crowd.

  • XOMG POP! progress

    “Every little girl in America is going to go crazy when she sees you on AGT,” Sofia Vergara said of XOMG POP!

    Simon Cowell faked the audience saying he didn’t like the performance…he LOVED it.

    Four yeses means the pop group will carry on through to the next round of America’s Got Talent.

  • A group of girls take the stage

    XOMG POP!, a music group created by Jess and JoJo Siwa took the stage.

    Simon Cowell asked if the girls were considering “world domination” and the girls responded by saying they loved the music.

    Jess and JoJo are shown backstage during the performance dancing and cheering on the colorful girls as they sing and dance an original candy heart song.

  • Judges expect drumline greatness

    Sofia Vergara said she expects big things from The Pack Drumline this season.

    Heidi Klum said the performance was “sexy” and Howie Mandel told the band he could feel their energy.

    “That’s exactly what this show is about,” said Simon Cowell.

    The group will continue in the next round of the show after getting four yeses.

  • Great departure

    The season premiere begins with a band from Chicago called The Pack Drumline.

    The drummers/dancers put on an energetic show after band leader Perry expressed his admiration for judge Simon Cowell.

  • To agree!

    The season 17 premiere of America’s Got Talent is live NOW!

    Tune in live on NBC or stream it on Hulu and Peacock.

  • AGT Competitors Who Earned Golden Buzzers

    Over the seasons, there have been a number of memorable performances on AGT, but only a few have earned Golden Buzzers from the judges and guest judges.

    Some of these acts are:

    • Howie Mandel’s Drew Lynch in Season 10
    • Howard Stern’s Freckled Sky in Season 10
    • Piff The Magic Dragon by Neil Patrick Harris in season 10
    • Mel B’s Laura Bretan in season 11
    • Howie Mandel’s Grace VanderWaal in season 11
    • Heidi Klum’s Sal Valentinetti in season 11
    • Mel B’s Darci Lynne Farmer in Season 12
    • Simon Cowell’s Mandy Harvey in season 12
    • Howie Mandel’s Courtney Hadwin in Season 13
    • Gabrielle Union’s Kodi Lee in Season 14
    • Howie Mandel’s Joseph Allen in Season 14
    • Heidi Klum’s Christina Rae in Season 15
    • Nightbirde by Simon Cowell in season 16
  • What is a Golden Buzzer on AGT?

    During the auditions, all four America’s Got Talent judges have the opportunity to push the Golden Buzzer for a single act that touches them emotionally.

    This action sends the artist directly to the live performance.

    Guest judges can press the button for their favorite performance during Judge Cuts.

    Nightbirde received a Golden Buzzer from judge Simon Cowell on season 16 of the show.

  • How did AGT film during Covid?

    Good Housekeeping received a statement from a representative for America’s Got Talent who explained that the audience was not entirely “live”.

    “AGT filmed with a limited audience and the producers found a hybrid solution that combined a live audience with archival footage to bring the energy of our audience to viewers at home,” he explained.

    “Live audience sentiment and reactions served as a guide to using archival audience footage from previous seasons and incorporating it into each episode.”

    He also stressed that the production was following safety guidelines, CDC guidelines, and state and local orders to pull filming in the time of Covid-19 while protecting judges, audience members, and contestants.

  • Did AGT have a live audience in 2021?

    Mask mandates in California for the Covid-19 pandemic remained in place during the AGT hearings, which were filmed in March and April 2021.

    The show found a clever way to look like it had an audience while keeping everyone safe.

    In the end credits of the show, this statement is listed: “Due to COVID health restrictions, the audience visuals featured in this episode included real and virtual shots, as well as shots from previous seasons. The use of these visuals was for creative purposes only and did not impact the outcome of the judging.

  • Where was AGT filmed last year?

    The show appeared to feature a maskless audience at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles, where the show was filmed in 2021.

    Reality Titbit reported that the venue has a capacity of 3,000.

  • Former AGT judges

    The original America’s Got Talent judges were David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood and Piers Morgan when the show debuted in 2006.

    Since then, many famous faces have served on the jury.

    The full list includes: David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood, Piers Morgan, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Mel B.

  • What is America’s Got Talent: Extreme?

    America’s Got Talent: Extreme is a spin-off of America’s Got Talent, a talent contest program that first premiered on June 21, 2006.

    While America’s Got Talent welcomed people with all abilities, the Extreme version will only focus on stuntmen.

    Like America’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent: Extreme is created by Simon Cowell and premier on NBC.

    Competitors from across America will join to showcase their extreme stunts and skits. The winner will take home $500,000 and be named crowned champion.

  • America’s Got Talent: Host

    The current host of America’s Got Talent is actor Terry Crews.

    Past hosts included Tyra Banks, Nick Cannon, Jerry Springer and Regis Philbin.

  • Who were the 10 AGT 2021 finalists?

    The top 10 finalists were:

    • Opera singer Victory Brinker, nine, from Pennsylvania
    • Magician Léa Kyle, 25, from France
    • Northwell Health Nurse Choir of New York
    • Popstar Brooke Simpson, 30, from North Carolina
    • Comedian Josh Blue, 42, from Colorado
    • Singer Jimmie Herrod, 30, from Oregon
    • South Korea World Taekwondo Demonstration Team
    • Outfielder Aidan Bryant, 16, of Virginia
    • Comedian Gina Brillon, 41, from New York
  • What was Nightbirde’s cause of death?

    Nightbirde was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, which had progressed over time.

    Despite months of treatment, Nightbirde died on Feb. 20, 2022, after cancer reportedly spread to her lungs, spine and liver, according to TMZ.

    In December 2021 she was seen posting on social media saying it was a ‘miracle’ to ‘even be alive’ then adding a month later that things had gotten ‘pretty brutal’ .

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