A masked group pays tribute to the “Diamonds”

World shub party

Reggae band MASKED, Shubs World Party, released Mighty diamonds in the skya single paying tribute to the deceased members of the legendary trio The Mighty Diamonds.

The band members, who often wear stage disguises, felt the loss Jamaica suffered when Donald “Tabby” Shaw was brutally killed in a drive-by shooting in April, shortly followed by the death of Fitzroy “Bunny ” ‘Simpson four days later. The two members of The Mighty Diamonds were buried in separate funerals.

“One of the members of the Shubs World Party hinted that Tabby’s murder hit him hard because he knew Shaw personally, so we recorded the single,” said Roger Grant, the band’s manager.

The single distributed by VP Records, a subsidiary of VPAL Music, was released on May 20 produced on the 619 Entertainment Group label and is the fledgling group’s fifth song. It’s a tween version of Rihanna Shine bright like a diamond.

Manager Roger Grant said the masked look is inspired by many great bands in the rock genre such as Kiss who “had a great image backed up by great music”.

“I think the reggae industry needs something like that. Some may consider it a gimmick, but music over time will prove how serious they are,” Grant said.

The group previously released the anti-war effort, Putin’s Song.

“They also just finished shooting a music video for another single. Love songa cover of an original by British new wave icons The Cure,” Grant said.

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