10 Best Movies Like Studio 666

Workshop 666 is a new horror movie with the Foo Fighters playing versions of themselves. The movie pays homage to so many movies from the past, and it’s not just in the horror genre. The best description is that Workshop 666 is a mix between the Beatles A hard day’s Night and diabolical death.

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However, there are still more movies that fans of Workshop 666 should check. In the realm of horror movies, the new Foo Fighters movie shares a lot in common with movies from the 1980s video villain era. There are also plenty of movies based on the world of music. There’s even a great Dave Grohl doc in a recording studio where he doesn’t end up possessed by a demon.


The Evil Dead (1981) – Stream on HBO Max

Ash heads for the basement in Evil Dead.

The biggest comparison with Workshop 666 when it comes to movies, he pays homage to Sam Raimi diabolical death. Both films are clearly based on the same subject matter and even share an almost identical plot device. In both films there is a book made of human skin that has a spell to open a portal and allow demons to enter our world.

The books even look nearly identical. The films also have ordinary people possessed by demons before they go on a murderous rampage. the original diabolical death is a wicked low budget video while Evil Dead 2 might be better for people who prefer higher budget effects.

That’s Spinal Tap (1984) — Buy ​​on Prime Video

Spinal Tap play music.

A while ago in Workshop 666 where a possessed Dave Grohl creates a whole new musical chord. Although he was the only one who could play it, everyone seemed impressed that he had created something new for the musical world.

It’s so similar to the rock mockumentary It’s Spinal Tap, which saw the band add a level 11 to their amplifier, which they claim made them the loudest band in the world. Both movies took the bands and delivered a completely over-the-top story in the world of rock and roll.

A Hard Days Night (1964) – Stream on HBO Max and Criterion Channel

The Beatles running down an alley in A Hard Days Night.

A film that often cropped up when discussing Studio 666 comparisons was the Beatles’ 1964 musical film A hard day’s Night. There is a significant difference between the two films. In Workshop 666there are almost no Foo Fighters songs, but A hard day’s Night is full of Beatles songs.

Regardless, A hard day’s Night is a film that puts the Beatles in a fictional situation where they just want to get away, but something always brings them back. This film is considered a classic and even has a Criterion Collection release.

Head (1968) – Stream on Fubo

The monkeys look in Head.

A film more comparable to Workshop 666 was the monkey movie To manage. It was a movie that completely upended everything people thought they knew about the Monkees. The group, which started out as a fake TV show group, went completely off the rails in To manage.

The Monkees are all shown to be dissatisfied with their place in the music industry, the entertainment industry, and life itself. There are mermaids, an all-knowing swami, and it all ends with the group trapped in a giant glass box, showing their perceived place in the world.

The Shining by Stephen King — Buy ​​on Prime Video

Jack Torrance possessed in The Shining.

There is a strong comparison between Workshop 666 and the Stephen King adaptation the brilliant. However, while both movies are about a man in a haunted house who loses control of himself and embarks on a hopeful massacre, the best comparison comes with the King-penned TV miniseries that sets starring Steven Weber.

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While the Brilliant the movie was the top version, the miniseries was all-in with haunting and demonic possession. He wasn’t a man who lost control, he was a man who was possessed and actually looked like a demon, very similar to Dave Grohl’s transformation into Workshop 666.

Night of the Demons (1988) – Stream On Peacock

Night of the Demons movie poster.

night of demons is a 1988 horror film about possessing a demon that is more interested in creating a fun horror experience than scaring audiences. Although there are some scares in Workshop 666it was a movie that just wanted to create a fun time in the theater.

night of demons features high school kids who throw a party at a secluded funeral home on Halloween, then accidentally unleash a demon who begins to possess them one at a time. While diabolical death was the main influence, this film was also clearly on the minds of the filmmakers.

Motel Hell (1980) – Stream on Roku and Tubi

Motel Hell is a film that built its entire reputation on low-brow comedy horror but did it in such a gleeful way that it was hard to hold it against the film. The film was about a farmer, a butcher, and a motel manager named Vincent Smith, who kills travelers in his motel.

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He then prepares his victims and sells them as sausages. There are plenty of gross moments in Studio 666 with Dave Grohl eating his old bandmates that it’s almost impossible not to think of Farmer Vincents donuts.

Green Room (2016) — Stream On Fubo

Pat walking around the Green Room club.

For fans of Workshop 666 who want something a little darker and a lot more serious from a rock and roll horror movie, check out green room. The film has a few notable points, including making Patrick Stewart a villain and being one of Anton Yelchin’s last film roles before his death.

The film follows a punk band in a concert hall in the Pacific Northwest where a few unsuspecting fans enter to find that the show’s headlining punk band are satanists who sacrifice their fans. It then turned into a dark thriller where these kids have to fight for their lives.

American Psycho (2000) – Rental on Apple TV and Prime Video

Patrick Bateman with an ax in American Psycho.

When Dave Grohl shows up with various weapons to assassinate his Foo Fighters bandmates, while talking about crafting the perfect song, it’s easy to think of one of the best dark horror comedies of the 2000s, American psycho.

Patrick Bateman is a businessman who will do anything to get ahead, including killing anyone who gets in his way. One of the best scenes from American psycho had Patrick about to cut someone to pieces with an ax while talking about the greatness of Huey Lewis and the News.

Sound City (2013) – Stream on Roku, Hoopla and Tubi

Dave Grohl on Sound City soundboard.

Foo Fighters fans also have a great movie that can be watched after watching Workshop 666. Of course, the plot of the horror movie was that Dave Grohl wanted to find a unique location to make the band’s 10th movie, and then ultimately kill his entire band.

For Foo Fighters fans who want to see Grohl more laid back in the recording studio, the Sound City documentary might be the perfect movie to watch. Sound City was one of Grohl’s favorite studios and this film is Grohl’s love letter to the studio that was home to everyone from Foo Fighters to Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and Guns N Roses.

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