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London recording studios The Limehouse offers recording, production, mixing & mastering

London's Limehouse is a modern recording studio in every sense, conceived from the ground up to offer exceptionally high-quality recording, mixing and mastering, all in a flexibly arranged single studio with a friendly face. Our state-of-the art digital facility is complemented by an integrated arsenal of high-end valve and analogue outboard gear . Our engineers bring to the job a wealth of experience and unparalleled attention to detail. There's air conditioning, a roof garden, free parking, and as much tea and coffee as you can drink. It overlooks the Limehouse Cut canal in East London, with both control room and live room featuring natural daylight and excellent line-of-sight - we even offer online booking.

London Recording Studios Full Service Facility Online Mixing & Mastering Recording Studio London with SSL Console

The Limehouse is a one-stop solution for a broad range of recording services. From rock to jazz, chamber music to techno, and musical theatre to hip-hop, we are experienced in pretty much every style you can think of. We can help you whether you're a seasoned pro, or a singer with nothing more than some lyrics scribbled on a notepad - recording, mixing, remixing, mastering, production, writing and world class session musicians - you'll find them all here.

Our mixing and mastering expertise is available online to clients across the world. Simply upload your mixes for mastering, or your multi-tracks for mixing, and we'll do the rest. All online mixing and mastering is carried out by seasoned professional Neil Williams whose credits include Simply Red, A R Rahman and Anoushka Shankar, as well as numerous mixes for film and TV. To get started, follow the link to our Online Mixing and Mastering portal

The SSL Matrix is the hub of our studio, and epitomises our hybrid approach to recording in the twenty-first century. The Matrix can handle up to 40 inputs on mixdown, and offers revolutionary ways of integrating all our lovely analogue gear into the digital recording workflow via its computer controlled routing system. It's also an all-singing and dancing Pro Tools control surface.

Audiophile Quality Analogue & Valve Outboard Recording Studio London with instruments included

The Limehouse is conceived and built from scratch for ultra-high sound quality. With our 'floating' rooms, incredibly low noise floor, balanced power, state-of-the art acoustics, high-end cabling and fanatical attention to the quality of every device in the signal path, we take this very seriously indeed. Our equipment is regularly serviced to keep the studio at peak performance.

We've called a truce in the battle between analogue and digital recording - they both won! Our engineers know when to reach for the best tool for the job regardless of which camp it falls into - our analogue and valve gear integrates seamlessly into our digital workflow. But it's not any old analogue stuff - we have classic pieces from Universal Audio, Neve, Manley, SSL and many other great names.

We give you the whole package. All of our instruments are included in our studio hire rates, including our Yamaha C3 grand piano, Fender Rhodes Mk V, guitars by Fender, Gibson and Martin, and valve amps from Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg and more. And not least, one of the finest drum kits in the world (it's a DW Collectors series) together with an amazing collection of boutique snares and cymbals - our studio manager will even set it up and tune it for you before you arrive :)